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Youkan was one of Prime Minister Honest's cohorts.


Youkan was an elderly man with a zombie-like appearance. He had shoulder-length hair with a receding hairline and a liver spot on the left side of his cranium. The alignment of Youkan's eyes suggests he had a strabismus disorder. He donned the standard Imperial uniform which consisted of a white shirt with a necktie, a leather jacket and knee-high boots.


Najenda described Youkan as nothing more than a bottom feeder, sycophant and obsequious to the Prime Minister, with no ability or talent, whatsoever.


Youkan entertained all sorts of distractions to satisfy Honest, such as guessing the gender of a pregnant woman's child, only to cut open her womb in order to see if they were right.

Following Night Raid's final mission, Najenda placed a high priority hit on his head and ordered for him to be dealt with extreme prejudice.

Akame Kills Youkan

Akame kills Youkan

During the final battle between the Revolutionary Army and the Empire, Akame and Leone stormed the Imperial Palace's private headquarters and took out the Imperial guards, while Youkan cowered in the corner of the room. The man tried to plead for mercy, whilst the two assassins remained unfazed. Youkan accepted his death at the hands of Night Raid and requested to recite a poem as his final words. But before he could speak, Akame killed him by cutting off the top of his head.