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Yocto-bottoms is a Shingu shown in the prequel series, Akame Ga Kill!: Zero,[1] and recently, Hinowa Ga Yuku. It takes the form of a pair of trousers, more specifically its fabric.[2]


Yocto-bottoms, like all other Shingu, was created four hundred years before the start of the series by the Emperor of that time in an attempt to create weapons that could surpass the Teigu.[1]

It was kept hidden in the Empire's secret storage until It was given to Poney by Gozuki.[3]

After Poney left the Empire, she's still wearing it despite she's now working at Najasho's estate at Wakoku.


Yocto-bottoms grants the user accelerated abilities and amplified leg power. Since it doesn't increase either of them very much, it still relies on it's user's original strength.[2]


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