Kanji/Kana 死者行軍 八房
Voiced by
Rōmaji Shisha Yakōgun: Yatsufusa
Full name March of the Dead: Yatsufusa
Type Katana
Status Destroyed (Manga)
Unused (Anime)
Faction The Empire
User Kurome
Former users
Abilities Corpse Reanimation
Trump Card
Media Debut
March of the Dead: Yatsufusa was a Teigu in the form of a long katana with the power to reanimate and control corpses.[1] It was owned by Kurome [1] and was destroyed by Wave.[2]


Yatsufusa was a blade-type Teigu that is able to control a maximum of eight corpses of those whom it has killed.[1] The user could also manipulate the skills and abilities the reanimated corpses had in life.[1] The puppets were known to retain their habits, desires and traces of personality that they had in life,[3] sometimes enabling the user to utilize these to their advantage.[4] However, it could backfire as well, as seen when Chelsea managed to destroy Henter who hesitated to attack her when she disguised herself as his fellow tribesman.[3] Additionally, Akame noted that the puppet's condition remained the same as it was upon death, meaning that the puppets could not learn new things nor improve their physical capabilities beyond those achieved before becoming a puppet.[5]

For each puppet the user actively controls, they became weaker. If a puppet was destroyed, it caused the user to release control and the user regains some power.


  • Natala: Formerly one of Kurome's childhood friends, who used to be in the same assassination group as her.[6] He survived the battle against Night Raid along with Doya. He is later cut down by Akame during her confrontation with Kurome and freed from the Teigu's power after its destruction.
  • Doya: A former assassin from the Northern Tribes that dual-wields pistols.[7] Like Natala, she survived the battle against Night Raid. Her arms got cut off by Enshin and eventually, she had replacements grafted on from another corpse but it caused her to be unable to use her original power. She is later cut down by Akame during her confrontation with Kurome and freed from the Teigu's power after its destruction.
  • Run: A former fellow comrade in the Jaegers. He still wields his Teigu, but his wings have turned black. He was freed from Yatsufusa's binds after its destruction.
  • Wall: A former famous guardsman.[7] He had a shield with a hidden lance in it that could be fired. He was destroyed by Bols' Teigu's self-destruction.
  • Apeman: A special-class Danger Beast that resembled a gorilla and used brute physical strength to destroy its opponents.[7] It was destroyed by Tatsumi.
  • Henter: A former survivor of the Ban Tribe.[7] He had tricky movements and a knife, but was destroyed by Chelsea, who tricked him into believing that she was also a survivor before assassinating him. Unlike the others, he seemed to be able to talk.
  • Rokugou: A former general that tried to betray the Empire to join the revolutionaries.[7] He wielded a whip and could shake the earth with it. He was destroyed by Najenda, who seemed to have trained under him.
  • Death Tagool: A super-class Danger Beast.[7] It seemed to have a destructive breath and was extremely powerful. However, Susanoo managed to destroy it.
  • Kaiser Frog: A large, frog Danger Beast that could control its long tongue. It also had powerful acid in his stomach; however, one of its sides was damaged, causing the acid to leak out, which allowed Mine to survive being swallowed and destroy the frog.
  • Two Unnamed Danger Beasts: They were both easily destroyed by Cosmina, although Kurome admitted that they were simply there to fill in the missing spots.
  • Various Unnamed Puppets: A small group of weak puppets summoned as a remaining resort to defend against Akame's attacks. They were taken out almost instantly.
  • Various Unnamed Death Row Convicts: When Kurome first obtained the Teigu, she was given numerous death row prisoners to kill and reanimate as her first puppets to be used during her missions together with the Elite Seven and later with the Dark Squad.


  • Yatsufusa (八房) can be translated to English as "Eight Tassel". Tassel is French for clasp, meaning to grip tightly or attach/fasten. Kurome is able to "fasten" the souls of her victims to Yatsufusa but can only actively control eight, hence the name.
  • In order to bond and use Yatsufusa, the potential candidate needs to be able to naturally see or perceive the blade as "Exquisite",while a incompatible candidate will instead sense an ominous aura from blade and see it as "creepy",as seen when the blade was first sent to the Dark Squad where no member was able to bond with the sword and only Kurome who immediately saw the sword as "Beautiful" was able to bond with it.
    • Yatsufusa shares this particular trait of selecting wielders with Murasame.


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