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The Wyvern (ワ イ バ ー ン, Waibān ) is one of the Danger Beasts appearing in the Akame Ga Kill! series.


As its name suggests, it looks like a wyvern (a type of lesser dragon from European mythology), red in color. Its upper limbs have a pair of large wings and two vertical horns on its head.


Esdeath has one as a pet that she uses to move from one place to another. It appeared for the first time when the general returned to the Capital after her victory over the Northern Tribes.

Later, this wyvern is seen when Esdeath was patrolling in search of the Modified Hazardous Beast. When her teacher sees what appears to be one (which would later turn out to be Tatsumi), she falls off her saddle and leaves her to her fate.

Some Imperial soldiers also have some of these trained creatures. Two of them saw themselves riding wyverns when they went to announce Esdeath to return to the Capital after her campaign against the western kingdoms.