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Wrigglers is the nonproprietary term used for the insect-type Danger Beasts that the leaders of the Oarburghs have passed down for generations. Each leader of the Oarburgh clan can control them. These insects can mobilize according to the will of their operator, the last operator being Merraid Oarburgh. They were seen in Akame ga kill Zero.


It`s said that they were created by same alchemists that were summoned to "The Empire" a thousand years ago to construct and create the 48 Imperial Teigu for the Empire


Beetle Wriggler

Beetle Wriggler.png

It looks like a black beetle. The beetle can use its mouth to damage opponents.

Moth Wriggler

Moth Wriggler.png

It looks like a regular moth. It scattered poison from the sky all the time.

Shield Wriggler

Shield Wriggle.png

They have a hard armor that can be used as a shield and can even take a hit from Murasame.

Bee Wriggler

Bee Wriggler.png

It has the appearance of a black bee or wasp. Can use its stinger to damage opponents.

Explosive Wriggler

Explosive Wriggler.png

They have the ability to explode according to the operator's will.

Centipede Wriggler

Centipede Wriggler.png

It appears to be a normal centipede. Its abilities are unknown.

Butterfly Wriggler

Butterfly Wriggler.png

It is in the appearance of a butterfly. It has the ability to smell blood, it can be used to locate enemies.


These particular Wrigglers resemble black caterpillar-like insects that are primarily used when activating the Wrigglers Trump Card, the Caterpillars will spit long strands of silk-like material into its users that would then encase its user into a cocoon-like wrapping that would then literately rebuild its users body from the ground up into a powerful human/butterfly hybrid form,Due to being "rebuilt" the wounds inflicted by weapons such as the Shingu,Kiriichimonji that creates wounds that cannot heal is rendered useless as instead of healing the users body is instead rebuilt,which then gives the user access to a variety of insect-based abilities as displayed by Merraid Oarburgh who obtained the ability to fly using her butterfly wings,transform her arms into a insect-themed blades, shoot sticky silk threads from her fingertips and release dust like scales that impede and weaken her opponents eyesight.