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Womyn was a member of the Empire's assassination group known as the Group of Terror.


Womyn was a young girl with dark hair cut in a bob style. She wore a pair of glasses, a white shirt with a vest, a tie and long skirt.


Womyn was serious about her work as an assassin and wanted to start doing real missions instead of training as soon as possible. She was kind to her comrades and would give them advice and support them as seen with Remus.


Womyn was among the children picked for training as the Empire's assassins. Since she lacked the necessary skills naturally, she had to be given performance-enhancing drugs. Along with the rest of her group, she learned to kill using death row prisoners as targets, executing them.

During the group's first real mission, however, Womyn was quickly killed, as her opponent was able to read her movements and bisect her with his axe.

Equipment and Skills[]

Given that Womyn was one of the few children to survive the harsh preliminary exam initiated by the Empire to test the capabilities and potentials of its assassin candidates, it can be guessed that Womyn possessed above average intellect, skill, endurance, strength and potential that allowed her to survive and escape the forest filled with Danger Beasts. However, due to not making it out fast enough in comparison to the Elite Seven, it was summarized that Womyn's overall potential was still none the less inferior to the Seven.

Drug Enhancement[]

Due to Womyn being deemed to not be as innately talented as the Elite Seven, her training was instead focused on her using and becoming over ally reliant on drug doping to increase her speed, strength, durability, endurance and reflexes to superhuman levels to complete her mission, despite her relative youth and lack of experience. As seen where she was able to initially overpower and slaughter seasoned spies and fighters with little effort during her first mission.


Womyn was shown wielding a regular katana sword and showed enough moderate skill with it to easily fight off and kill more experienced fighters when coupled with her drug doping. However, as noted by her killer, Womyn's movements and sword style were still rigid and overly repetitive, resulting in her style being easily read and her weaknesses easily exposed and taken advantage of.


  • Womyn was the first ever casualty of the Group of Terror. As stated by Uncle Bill that out of all the units first sent out during their first mission, only Womyn's unit suffered casualties and Remus initially surviving her wounds after their first mission.