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Wild Hunt Members

From left to right: Enshin, Dorothea, Champ, Syura, Izou, Cosmina.

Wild Hunt was a group of Teigu users formed and led by Syura, the son of Prime Minister Honest, operating as the Secret Police of the Empire.


Wild Hunt was set up for the sake of aiding and compensating for the losses of the special Police Squad, the Jaegers, as well as taking out Night Raid. However, Wild Hunt's members were causing and relishing in carnage, abusing their power and position to terrorize the entire Empire with their vile acts and making themselves the prime enemies of both Night Raid and the Jaegers.

However, after Run of the Jaegers did an investigation and found out that Syura was the person behind the unleashing of Danger Beasts created by the late Dr. Stylish, Jaegers' Esdeath filed an official report, forcing Honest to officially disband the team, much to Syura's displeasure.

After the disbandment itself, Wild Hunt remained operational, despite now working in separate ways. Dorothea works with the Prime Minister to imbue Alchemy into Shikoutazer and turn Cosmina into a Danger Beast while the rest remain around the Empire's palace. Later, they're all killed when Night Raid locates Dorothea and the others after launching an attack on one of Revolutionary Army's outposts.


Teigu within possesion while active[]

Wild Hunt's Investigations[]

Over time, Wild Hunt's acts of terror disguised as police investigations ultimately led them to become the most wanted criminals in the Empire to the point that the Jaegers (who were supposed to be their allies) were after them, and even Esdeath herself criticizing and loathing their actions.

Case 1 - The Umatora Incident: Wild Hunt were sent to investigate the theater of Umatora as info reached the Police that their play was supposed to be criticizing the Empire and the Minister. The performers tried to put up resistance and their head wanted to bribe Wild Hunt in order to escape a cruel fate, however, it only added fuel to the fire as Syura declared them guilty, issuing them a "punishment" - mass massacre and rape of the troupe at the hands of Wild Hunt.

Case 2 - The Imperial Fist Resistance: After Wild Hunt took out a Master of the Imperial Fist, his disciples wanted to avenge his death, however, their efforts were in vain as Syura took out all of them except the sole female member, whom they decided to publicly humiliate before killing. In the aftermath, the Imperial Fist Members were stripped and hung upside down in the middle of the streets while Wild Hunt were enjoying themselves eating stolen fruit.

Case 3 - The Line was Crossed: News spread over the Capital about the beautiful widow who visited her husband's grave with her little daughter. Syura immediately designated Bols' wife as his new toy while Champ went after the daughter, resulting in their deaths, described as "beyond brutal". This action was the beginning of the end for Wild Hunt as Wave refused to let them do as they please, and the trigger was pulled shortly later when Syura was trying to rape Kurome, grabbing her in front of Wave's eyes. This led to a hand to hand fight between Wave and Syura and Wave's victory. Later, Run went to get his own revenge on Champ; the ensuing battle between them, Kurome, Enshin and Cosmina drew Night Raid's attention, and as a result, Champ and Enshin were killed while Cosmina was left in a near death state.

Case 4 - The End of Wild Hunt: After his humiliating defeat, Syura began plotting against both Jaegers and Night Raid in order to win back his father's approval. Using his Teigu, he teleported Tatsumi and Lubbock into the royal palace, where they were captured. Lubbock was taken to the torture chamber and became a victim of Syura's torture, but refused to give out any information. Later, as Honest received Esdeath's report about Syura's actions, he officially disbanded Wild Hunt in fear of the information reaching Budo. This led to Syura snapping and attempting to take out his frustration on Lubbock; however, Lubbock managed to trick Syura into releasing him and proceeded to kill him by snapping his neck with a hidden string from his mouth.


Syura WH card

Syura's Wild Hunt ID card.

  • Their name is based upon an ancient European myth of a spectral group of huntsmen referred to as Wild Hunt.
  • Their role in the anime was drastically reduced, with only Syura being properly introduced. The remaining members simply wore hooded cloaks, and had no dialog. They only helped surround Lubbock and the maid to prevent them from escaping under orders not to interfere by Syura and later stabbed the Night Raid member who fell from the sky with their leader killed. After their introduction in Episode 20, they were never seen again.
  • Their emblem appears to be a wolf head as seen on Syura's ID card in Chapter 45.