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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

Following Bolic's assassination by Night Raid, Wave and his remaining Jaeger comrades returned to the Empire's capital to await further orders by General Esdeath. When Kurome suddenly lost consciousness due to suffering a fatal neck injury by Chelsea, Wave and Run immediately tended to her in fear of losing her.

Following in the wake of the growing discontent among the capital's population and the coming of the Revolutionary Army at the capital's front doors, Wave tried his best to stop the riots, but was overwhelmed by the people's fury and forced to retreat to the safety of the palace's walls. Whilst regretting for not being able to carry out his duty as a soldier of the Empire, Wave notices Kurome's absence and tailed after his comrade only to find Akame and her about to resume their death match to settle matters between them once and for all. Wave tried to stop their fight, but Tatsumi intervened, allowing their fight to continue, resulting to Akame's victory and Kurome's death, leaving Wave grief-stricken and was allowed to leave with her corpse.

Burying Kurome's body far away from the capital, Wave expressed doubts to himself if he's really fighting for what's right after all that has happened to him ever since he first entered the capital. When the Emperor unleashed Shikoutazer and caused massive death and destruction throughout the capital, Wave finally saw the error of the Empire's ways and joined Tatsumi, clad in his Incursio armor, fighting against the child Emperor in the defense of the people, much to Honest's shock.

Fighting against the "ultimate Teigu", Wave in his Grand Chariot armor was almost no match against the child Emperor's power, nearly evading his powerful counterattacks and saved Tatsumi from a series of fatal blows. He then assisted Tatsumi in holding off Shikoutazer before allowing the Night Raid member, now in an evolved Incursio, to destroy the Teigu with everything he got, but it resulted in his death while trying to stop its falling form from killing the civilians.

Wave & Run Anime Ending

Wave and Run visits Kurome's grave

Helped by Run, Wave witnessed Esdeath's death at the hands of Akame as she and Tatsumi's corpse, frozen together before shattering to many pieces, disappeared together into the skies. In the aftermath of the Revolutionary Army's victory and the rebuilding of the country, Wave and Run visited Kurome's grave where they pay their respects and declare that they'll protect the new Empire - while playfully commenting about Tatsumi running away from Esdeath again in the afterlife.