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Wave is a former member of the Jaegers and Imperial Navy. He hails from a small town on the coast of the Empire.

Due to the large amount of time he spent at sea, he is fairly unaware of the crime-riddled Capital and corruption within the Empire. He is very close to his mother and very well respected in his home village.


Wave is a fairly-muscular young man of above-average height with short, dark blue hair and eyes. Like Tatsumi, he also has a cowlick. He wears a blue leather jacket and a red scarf with an anchor on it. The scarf is said to be his symbol of justice. Under that is a white shirt with a single blue line down the middle. He also wears a pair of grey jeans with a belt and dark blue boots. He carries his Teigu on his back most of the time.


He keeps his beliefs close to heart, such as duty to his country and cheering up a girl when she's sad. He is a true navy man at heart and loves everything to do with the ocean. He is shown to be level-headed and easy-going in his free time and has a desire to be useful to his friends.

He is shown to get along well with most of his comrades, excluding Seryu. He sympathized with Tatsumi's desire to run away from the group but was duty bound to prevent it. Despite constantly finding Bols' choice of attire very strange and wondering how a man of that sort is the only married member of the Jaegers, he is on very good terms with him and seems to think highly of him. He constantly tried to cheer up others, which usually fails and causes him to end up being cheered up by Kurome. Following the death of Bols and Kurome's admission of her fear of being discarded, Wave seems to have grown extremely protective of the latter, showing his closeness to the two of them.

He believes Night Raid to be evil due to the fact that they are killers who work under the cover of night, which is actually a very rational conclusion for someone from outside of the capital to have. However, after spending time in the Capital itself, he has grown more cautious of it. He is cautious of Seryu because of her brutality and insanity, both of which surprised him, in that he did not believe the Capital had grown bad to that extreme extent. He was also shocked by the fears Kurome suffered of being abandoned and executed, which again tracked back to the Empire.

Tatsumi himself has admitted that Wave, despite his own willingness to kill him if it comes to it, isn't evil; in fact, he seems almost moral, a thing sorely lacking in those usually affiliated to the Empire.


Wave was born and raised at the country side probably near the sea. Wave joined the navy due to the help of certain someone whom he respected. At some point in his life he came to possess the Grand Chariot Teigu. After some time he was called from his village in order to join a special police force that was requested by Esdeath. While his mother was worried about him leaving his father told him to give the enemy hell.

When he first arrived at the meeting room for his new group, he first encountered Bols, who stared at him awkwardly until the rest of the crew showed up. He quickly took a liking to Run, who was in his opinion the only other "normal" person present. After Esdeath 'played' with Wave and the rest of the group a party was held and the sea food he brought was used for it.

In order to find a suitable wielder for the Teigu that was retrieved from Night Raid, a tournament was held and Wave acted as the announcer of it. After Esdeath fell in love with Tatsumi and brought him to the Jaeger's headquarters, Wave asked why Tatsumi had a collar around his neck and was shocked after learning that Bols was married for six years.

Later, the Jaegers are ordered to eliminate a group of bandits. Wave assists his comrades in their attack on the hideout, while Esdeath and Tatsumi watch from afar. He was unable to show off much of his skills, but managed to "save" Kurome from a bandit attacking her from behind.

Tatsumi vs Wave

Wave encounters Tatsumi in their Teigu

When members of the Jaegers went hunting on Mt. Fake, the group is split up into pairs with Tatsumi and Wave assigned together. The two of them talk of how similar they are to each other, before they are attacked by Danger Beasts. They work together to take out the Beasts, and using the confusion of the battle, Tatsumi escapes Wave using Incursio. Knowing the cruel punishment in store for him when Esdeath finds out he let Tatsumi get away, Wave summons Grand Chariot and goes looking for him. At a nearby waterfall, the two encounter each other, unable to recognize each other due to their armor Teigu. Wave recognizes Incursio as a Teigu owned by Night Raid member Bulat, and attacks. Tatsumi again attempts to get away, but is hindered by Wave, who tells him that he's heard of Night Raid, and that they are villains who murder innocent people. Tatsumi angrily replies that Night Raid are nothing like villains, and once again attempts to escape, but is knocked into the river by Wave. Tatsumi uses Incursio's stealth ability to escape down the river. The next day, Wave is punished and reprimanded by Esdeath for his failure.

Wave next accompanies fellow Jaeger Kurome in a mission to protect the Head of Public Finance. The Jaegers arrive too late and the official is assassinated by Chelsea, who escapes thanks to her Teigu. Wave later captures a group of bandits alongside Seryu. When left alone with them, Seryu opts to execute all of them in the name of justice. Wave attempts to confront her over the matter, but is surprised by her twisted sense of justice. He privately notes how the state of the Empire has declined immensely if someone as young as Seryu could be so twisted, but resolves to continue to follow orders and do his duty as a soldier in order to repay his patron.

Wave, alongside Bols and Kurome, is sent in pursuit of Akame after she is reportedly sighted in the southern towns. He assures Bols that the trio working together will be able to handle Night Raid, and remarks that Bols' Teigu will be especially useful in the coming battle. Kurome promptly teases Wave that out of the group, he's the most likely to slow them down. Wave heatedly promises to prove to her how tough he really is, as Bols tells the two not to fight. The group is quickly ambushed by Night Raid, and Wave leaps in front of Kurome to protect her from a surprise attack from Susanoo. He is blown away far away from the battle as a result, and does not participate further.

After the battle, Wave and Run recover an injured Kurome and take her to the nearby town of Romari. Wave berates himself for having not tried hard enough to save him his comrades, that Bols would still be alive, but is encouraged by Run who reminds Wave that he was blown away during the battle due to defending Kurome. The Jaegers regroup with Esdeath and discuss Night Raid's true objectives in the previous battles. Kurome awakens and appears to have recovered from her injuries, and is permitted to continue service. Wave later checks up on Kurome only to find her struggling with her injuries. He goes to tell the general, only to stop when Kurome pleads with him not to, as she fears of being disposed of if she can no longer fight. She apologizes to Wave and promises him that she will be fine. Wave silently resolves to fight harder in order to protect her and carry her weight.

Wave is later assigned to protect Bolic, a Path of Peace official working for the Empire, alongside his fellow Jaegers. He attends a formal welcoming party and expresses discomfort at wearing such fine clothes. During the party, he notices Kurome struggling and asks if she is alright. Kurome brushes off his concern and forces herself to appear fine. As a confrontation with the assassins draws near, Wave promises Kurome that he would make up for last time and also get revenge for Bols and Seryu, the latter who was killed during her fight against Mine. When Night Raid begins its assault, Run forces Akame, Mine, and Lubbock to the ground where they are engaged by Wave. Despite fighting three on one, Wave proves a match for the raiders and even manages to injure Akame. Lubbock manages to subdue Wave temporarily with his Teigu, giving Akame a chance to make it to Bolic. Wave breaks free and attacks Akame, only to be ambushed by Mine. Wave is blasted away by Mine's attack, although the latter notes that he would most likely not die.

Over three months after failing the mission to protect Bolic, Wave is seen having lunch with Kurome and Run in the capital. He notes how peaceful the capital is despite the chaos the recent invasions and uprisings have wrought. He notices that Kurome is still depressed over failing to protect Bolic, and attempts to cheer her up by reminding her that they must protect the capital while Esdeath is away dealing with the uprisings and foreign invaders. When he succeeds, he offers her his cake, which improves her mood dramatically. Wave then spots Run observing some street performers. He notices the dark look on his colleague's face and questions what is the matter. Run assures Wave that all is fine. 

Wave and Run make a trip to Bols' grave, where they encounter his wife and daughter. Wave inquires if they have any need for anything and reminds them they can always ask the Jaegers for anything. He also warns them to stay away from the capital, due to the recent actions of Wild Hunt. The two Jaegers later investigate a disturbance and find that Wild Hunt has publicly massacred a large number of people. When Wave attempts to reprimand them, Syura uses his father's position to badger Wave into submission, who only backs down at Run's insistence. Wave returns alone to Bols' grave only to find his family brutally murdered at the hands of Wild Hunt. 

Wave's Epic Punch

Wave attacks Syura

Wave returns to the palace, struggling with accepting the atrocities committed by Wild Hunt. He runs into Kurome who asks why he looks so tormented. Wave begins to explain what happened to Bols' family, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Syura. Upon seeing Kurome, Syura attempts to take her as his "toy", only to be brutally punched by Wave, who tells him not to lay his hands on any of his comrades. Wave apologizes to Run and Esdeath for not being able to hold himself back, and declares that the Jaegers will hunt down anyone who disturbs the peace, even if it is the son of the Prime Minister. Syura recovers and the two move to battle, but are interrupted by General Budo. Budo refuses to permit violence in the Imperial Palace and promises to execute any who disagree.

Wave beats Syura in a fist fight

Wave beats Syura

Syura cleverly challenges Wave to a fist fight instead, and the latter accepts. Kurome attempts to warn Wave of Syura's strength but Wave acknowledges his strength already. Wave and Syura prepare to fight with Budo acting as judge. Wave quickly proves a match for Syura, forcing him to use his full strength. Wave begins to lose out due Syura's mastery and incorporation of various foreign martial arts into his fighting style, but manages to knock Syura out in the end, winning the fight. Wave attempts to inflict more pain upon to his defeated opponent but is knocked out himself by Budo, who commends the two fighters on their skills. Kurome takes Wave back to his room where she treats his wounds. She happily admits that Wave proved how strong he is and also thanks him for saving her. The two are interrupted by the arrival of Run. The three discuss the state of the Empire, with Wave expressing dissatisfaction with the way things are. Run agrees and tells his comrades his past and reasons for wishing to change the Empire. Wave enthusiastically promises to side with Run, who thanks Wave for his support.

Due to his injuries from the fight with Syura, Run and Kurome leave Wave to rest when they go to confront Wild Hunt. When Kurome returns with an undead Run as a corpse doll, Wave is distraught. Kurome attempts to defend herself by asking if Wave wants to be separated from Run. Wave rebukes her and says their friend should be allowed to rest. The argument seems to aggravate Kurome's wounds and when Wave goes to help, is blocked by Run walking between the two. When told that Kurome did not order him to do that, Wave laments that even in death Run cares about them. Putting aside her emotions, Kurome states that Run is a vital asset to them in their mission and that they must all fulfill their duty.

Wave is next seen thinking alone in his room. He is interrupted by Kurome bearing a cake. Wave notes that sharing her sweets with others is a rare occurrence. Kurome assures him that there are no drugs in it and prepares to summon Run to join them for lunch. Wave quickly interrupted her, telling her not to use her powers so haphazardly. Kurome consents and instead offers to make them tea. As she begins to, Wave broods over recent events. Kurome distracts him from his thoughts, as well as teases him about his continued preference for sea based items. Wave notes that Kurome seems happier and is glad for it. He also resolves to stop any burdens from piling up on Kurome so she won't have to use Run. Wave guesses that Kurome would most likely be angry with him if she knew his intentions, but resolves to do so anyway. The pair are then interrupted by the arrival of Esdeath, having finally returned to the capital. Wave and Kurome explain what has happened in her absence, and Esdeath becomes angered by Run's death. She promises to repay Wild Hunt for their actions. Esdeath then explains how the war has been progressing. She states that as long as she and Budo are present the Revolutionary Army cannot win. However, she warns that the Imperial Palace will be vulnerable for a time and that it would be best if Night Raid was dealt with before then.  

When Akame is sent to assassinate some of the Empire's generals, he intercepts her and prepares to battle her. During their battle, Akame's taunting caused Wave to lose his composure and eventually his armor Grand Chariot was damaged thus ending the fight. Akame asks Wave to pass a message to Kurome and explains their past most notably Kurome addiction to drugs. Having grown tired of hearing about Kurome's possible death, Wave declares that he's going to defeat the rebel army, take Kurome to the hot spring to heal her, and storms off.  

Back at the palace, he approaches Esdeath and asks if she could train him. She tells him that he's already at his apex however, she tells him that he could still become stronger if he were to wield two Teigu.

The next night, when Kurome tells him about the events that occurred the previous night and about her plan to meet Akame. Wave attempts to persuade and cheer her up and begs her to find a reason for living, however, she persists and attempts to leave causing Wave to try and stop her by force. Kurome then kisses and renders him unconscious.

Sometime later, Wave recovers and begins his search for Kurome. Eventually, after being lead by Run, he finds the place where the sisters are having their dual and tries to interfere only to be met by resistance from Tatsumi. The armored pair clash and Wave are easily beaten back, Wave lands near the corpse of Run and asks him to lend him the power of his Teigu, Mastema. He then equips and activates the Teigu and jets into the sky where he performs “Grand Chariot Flugel” Wave clashes once again with Tatsumi, this time resulting in a powerful explosion.  

Wave and Kurome Kiss

Wave kisses Kurome

Just as Kurome is about to ingest another piece of her drugs, Wave swoops in and prevents her from doing so and declares that he's stopping the battle. He then professes his love for Kurome and says he'll protect her at all costs. Kurome is confused by this so Wave tells her that her kiss had awakened his buried feelings for her. When Akame asks how he plans to protect Kurome, Wave says that they're going defect from the empire and devote his time into helping Kurome heal at the hot springs. While Wave discusses his plans, Kurome still tries to fight until Wave snatches away her teigu and shatters it. Afterwards, Kurome's left with a shocked expression. Wave picks her up and Kurome decides that she would like to choose his decision. Akame, Tatsumi and Leone promise to cover up their execution, with Yatsufusa as evidence. Akame wishes the two a happy life, as they disappear into the forest.

Wave later reappears alongside Kurome, with both of them living secretly in the forest. As the war within the Capital grows more destructive, Wave finds himself unable to ignore the battle. Kurome gives him her approval and asks him to return back to her alive. Wave makes a promise to return and heads to the battlefield, now fighting alongside Tatsumi to defeat The Emperor.

After the war concluded, Wave is visited by Najenda, who asks him if he is alright. Wave tells her that he has to see a doctor every few years and that one of his organs will never recover. He considers himself lucky given that he used two Teigu at once and is more concerned about Kurome, who has been having nightmares. Najenda considered it as a sign that Kurome's personality was returning to normal. When Najenda asked him to continue to be Kurome's strength, he wholeheartedly said yes. He lived on together with Kurome and they were occasionally visited by Akame before her departure to the lands of the east.

In the epilogue, when Kurome nightmare begins haunting her again. Wave immediately comforts her. At their resting place, Kurome doesn't mind Wave's cooking that mostly involves fish, shellfish and seaweed as main ingredients since her stomach also belongs to him now. She then requests Wave to serve her like a princess, much to his approval.

Equipment and Skills[]

Grand Chariot

Wave summoning Grand Chariot

Wave wields the Armor-type Teigu, "Grand Chariot," which is a more attack-oriented version of Incursio. It is unknown which Teigu is stronger, as Tatsumi was unwilling to fight Wave. The Teigu increases his strength and speed as well as giving him the ability to fly. However, his Teigu is unable to turn invisible, as opposed to Incursio. He has a technique named "Grand Fall", which is a powerful kick that Tatsumi noted could have killed him if he did not block it. While his Teigu is engaged, he is capable of taking on Akame, Lubbock and Mine simultaneously, and was referred to as a force of nature by them.

Wave is also a formidable swordsman and uses his sword more than his Teigu. Esdeath has said that his strength is perfect, thanks to having a good teacher. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well, and defeated Syura in an unarmed duel, despite it being the specialty of the latter.

Wave himself states his skill to be at least on par with Tatsumi, although the two have not yet had a proper battle. While he is aware of dangerous creatures inhabiting the ocean, he was caught off guard by creatures living in the mountains, likely due to his lack of first hand experience in dealing with them at the time.

It is also worth noting that he is the only one in the series who managed to land a clean, direct and powerful blow to Akame, though, it is only because Akame was not fully focused into the fight as she stated.

While attempting to stop the fight between Kurome and Akame, Wave found the strength to acquire and activate Mastema, believing Run was willing him from beyond, becoming the first, and so-far, only person in the series to dual-wield Teigus in their activated forms. The end result is his Armored Grand Chariot in the air sporting Mastema's wings, giving him a significant enough boost to fight Tatsumi with his augmented Incursio without negative effects.

Also, Esdeath had stated earlier that wielding more than one Teigu would destroy the wielder's body, even if they are an experienced user. Considering that Wave was able to manage this rather easily, this places him on a completely new level in terms of strength or willpower.

Wave is also proficient at hand-to-hand fight as seen during his duel with Syura at Imperial palace witnessed by Budou and Kurome. Albeit he is slightly outclassed, he manages to pull it off and defeat Syura in hand-to-hand duel.


  • Wave's birthday is written to be March 16.
  • He is parallel to Tatsumi in many ways.
    • His name is a reference to his work and likes, similar to Tatsumi.
    • For instance, he sees himself as the only level-headed and normal person in a group of eccentric characters, something that Tatsumi empathizes with, stating "I know what you mean."
    • They also both wield Armor-type Teigus.
    • Additionally, they both came to the Capital with large dreams of becoming heroes and rising through the ranks in the military.
    • By succeeding in joining the Jaegers and the Military of the Capital, Wave has more or less become everything that Tatsumi wanted to be at the start of the story, before he joined Night Raid.
  • According to the Author, he acts as a sort of "2nd Player" of the Story comparing his status to Tatsumi.
  • According to Volume 14's Post Script, it is written that Wave is now Akame's brother-in-law, implying he married Kurome at some point after the story.
  • Wave is the first, and so far only, individual to wield two Teigus at once.
  • Wave is the only former member of the Jaegers to survive in both anime and manga.


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