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Wall was a famous guardsman until his demise at Kurome's hands. He used a riot shield as his main weapon.

After his death, Kurome reanimated his body and used it as a corpse puppet.


Wall was a bald man wearing a white suit with a gray shirt and a tie. He also wore black sunglasses and had a wind rose-like tattoo on his forehead; the same symbol decorated his jacket's pocket.


Not much is known about his personality; however, as those reanimated using Yatsufusa show their most dominant traits, it can be assumed that he was a serious person who would do anything to ensure the safety of his clients, as he protected Bols with all his strength after being ordered to do so by Kurome.


Wall was a famous guardsman. At some point, while protecting his client, Wall was killed by Kurome and reanimated as her puppet.

During Night Raid's ambush in the valley, Wall was summoned to assist Bols. While they initially managed to hold off Akame's attacks, the two were eventually outmatched when Leone joined the battle. As a result, Wall was dismembered, incapable of fighting further. With no other options, Bols threw his Teigu's cylinder into the air before detonating it, causing a massive explosion, which engulfed the valley and incinerated Wall.


Wall was shown to be extremely agile as he was able to block Akame's attacks most of the time. His shield was able to take strong hits and still maintain its form without breaking. The shield had the ability to fire a hidden lance in the wrist mount that could be used to surprise enemies. It was also powerful enough to survive Rubicante's powerful explosion, as Leone used it to shield Akame and herself from the blast at close range.


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