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Volume 1.5 is a special volume that contains omake chapters. It was bundled together with the limited edition of the anime Blu-ray/DVD volume 1 set. A new version was later released containing two new omake chapters.


First Release[]

Night Raid is a band of assassins who work covertly to cleanse the Capital, a place where greed and corruption runs rampant. Mercilessly killing those who perpetuate its evil, Night Raid aims to help the innocent and pave the way for a better tomorrow.

While Sheele is training Tatsumi in the forest, the two happen upon a young girl being attacked and save her. The girl, called Nea, cannot see or make her way alone, and they end up taking her back to Night Raid's hideout. Tragic circumstances have forced Nea to seek out her remaining family in the Capital, and having taken a shine to the girl, Sheele resolves to help her. However, with the Capital being the swirling pot of avarice and malice it is, Nea's troubles are far from over.

At another time and place, Night Raid sets their sight on a new target: a group of deadly assassins indiscriminately killing civilians for sport. As Night Raid prepares to deliver retribution upon the culprits, Bulat finds an unexpected dilemma in this routine mission.

Chapters included[]