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It is an unnamed Teigu used by a member of the Revolutionary Army.


It takes the form of a long staff which is tipped with a rough, wood-like material ending with an object that looks like a human skull with exposed gums on the teeth.


While the history of it is unknown, it is now in possession of the Revolutionary Army. More specifically, in the hands of the Teigu Troops.

It was used by an unnamed member of the Teigu Troops against Esdeath, along with three others wielding Extase, Adayusu and the Divination Teigu, only for all three to be easily defeated and persumably killed by her.


While this Teigu's abilities are unknown, it was shown to be able to vibrate and create throbbing sounds before its user swung it and, upon hitting the ground, created a shockwave that cracked it and caused the ice created by Esdeath's Ice Storm Commander-in-Chief to be kicked up.


  • It is possible that this Teigu has the ability to cause vibration resonance by vibrating in the natural frequency of its target in order to damage it and make it more susceptible to its physical strikes.