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Umber was a member of the Gravekeepers.


Umber was a girl of below average height, with middle-length hair in a bob-style haircut. She wore light top and pants. She also had a tight ring around her neck and many tattoos on her belly and arms. Umber collected four skulls.

With her secret art, Umber got snake fangs and a tongue.


Umber was a decent Gravekeeper. However, she also liked to let her opponents suffer before death.


Umber, Jamo and Kimatsu were Gravekeeper members which captured Kurome and her teammates, after Arathi was killed. Later, when Jamo was sexually assaulting Gin and Kurome, Umber decided to leave and pretend that she wasn't there.

Umber' death

Umber's death

When Elite Seven came to help rescue the Group of Terror members, Umber attacked Poney, where she successfully wrestled her into the ground and entangled her into a wrestle lock to prevent her from escaping by using her Secret Art to morph herself into having the physical characteristics of a snake. She then proceeded to slowly break Poney’s bones sadistically. However, despite the position she was in, Poney still continued to be defiant. Umber, running out of patience, then resorted to injecting her with snake venom by biting her in hopes of breaking her spirit. However, due to being slowly crushed by Umber's technique, Poney's body had become loose enough for her to slip away from her and escape and due to being trained to resist poison, Poney was still able to move about uninhibited by the venom, much to Umber's surprise. The two then proceeded to battle each other once more, but due to no longer having the advantage, Poney was then able to easily overpower her and manage to successfully kick her head clean off, killing her instantly. Later, her head flew into the air right into Kimatsu's feet, who then proceeded to battle Poney.

Skills and Equipment[]

Due to being part of the Gravekeepers, Umber was taught and trained in their Secret Arts which is a unique ability to transform parts of their bodies to preserve the skills of animals and monsters.

Umber's own unique transformation was the ability to take on the characteristics of a snake, giving her incredible flexibility, allowing her to easily entangle her opponents in her grips and slowly break their bones. This transformation even gives her the ability to grow fangs, which she can then use to poison her opponents by biting them.