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Tyrant was an extremely powerful Dragon-type Danger Beast known for its possession of an incomparable life force so formidable that its flesh was still alive within the Teigu Incursio.


While not much is known about Tyrant's appearance, it has been shown to have an incredible size and have at least three different body types and a number of eyes ranging from two to four with cross-shaped pupils. Prior to being made into a Teigu, Tyrant has been shown to have grown fur in order to survive in the freezing tundra, as well as developing a sturdy, rock-like body in order to survive in the desert.

After being reborn through Tatsumi, Tyrant now has an armored body that is reminiscent of Incursio's second evolved form, along with draconic wings and a tail.


Tyrant was a Dragon-type Danger Beast that led a nomadic lifestyle, wandering the country in search of prey and devouring any living being that was unfortunate enough to encounter it. It was greatly feared as a dangerous and elusive foe, possessing the ability to evolve its body and adapt to its environment, ranging from scorching deserts to the coldest arctic tundras.

During the reign of the First Emperor, the Danger Beast developed its stealth ability, Invisibility, in order to elude his suppression forces. Even while being subjugated within a Teigu, it still continued to evolve in order to defeat increasingly stronger opponents; after changing owners from Bulat to Tatsumi, Tyrant displayed the ability to evolve and adapt while under the influence of Tatsumi's more intense and explosive emotions.