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Tsukushi was a member of the Empire's assassination group appearing in the prequel series, Akame ga Kill! Zero.


Tsukushi was a young girl with amber eyes and short light brown hair. She also has a curvaceous figure. She usually wears brown and white dresses and brown boots.


Tsukushi was a kind and considerate girl. She cares about the other members of the Elite Seven and was greatly saddened when one of them is hurt or killed. Tsukushi also stayed to support Akame when she was sad because she had to kill Martha. However, she doesn't show remorse during her missions because she believes what she was doing was for the good of the empire and its people.

Along with Cornelia and Poney, Tsukushi was one of most loyal to their adoptive father, Gozuki, so much so that she believed whatever he said and genuinely believed it to be the absolute truth, as seen with her interaction with Akame, as the latter began to openly doubt the Empire and the rightousness of their missons and began openly considering that the things their "Father" taught them may not be all what it seems. Tsukushi began to show a lethal if outright dangerous look at her, despite their friendship, due to the possibility of her betraying the Empire and, by extension, their "Father".

Later upon Gozuki's death by Akame's hand, Tsukushi lost all form of emotional attachment to Akame and attempted to openly kill her in earnest, showing that Tsukushi's love for her "father" was far stronger than her friendship with Akame and later came to the conclusion that since she and Akame were friends, it was only "right" that she be the one who kills her.


Tsukushi was one of the many children that were sold to the Empire. She was picked to be put through a test in order to select candidates for The Empire's assassins. She was ranked sixth and got into the Elite Seven. She was first introduced along with Akame having disguised herself as a member of a traveling entertainment group. Soon they both revealed themselves as Imperial Assassins, signaling the rest of their group and cutting down the entertainers, who were actually a rebel group plotting against the Empire.

Equipment and Skills[]

Being one of the top seven survivors of the cruel and harsh survival test employed by the Empire to select their assassins and being personally trained by Gozuki in the Mountain Wilderness hunting Danger Beasts, Tsukushi has displayed immense superhuman strength, endurance, durability and skill that easily surpasses an average soldier, allowing her to easily overpower seasoned veterans during her first few missions on the field, and due to being trained in the wild, Tsukushi has also displayed superhuman senses, being able to easily detect Danger Beasts in the wild and is able to sense when someone is spying on her.

Like the rest of the Elite Seven, Tsukushi is immune or resistant to most poisons.


Tsukushi's main form of combat is using firearms in battle,having displayed immense skill in sharpshooting and quick drawing to easily shoot her opponents dead, Tsukushi has also shown to possesses high level eyesight due to her specialty allowing her to easily snipe her targets from a considerable distances and catch the thrown Chakram weapons of the Cassandra of the Oarburgh clan.


Tsukushi, like the rest of the Elite Seven, was given a Shingu by Gozuki, a six-barreled pistol called Prometheus that possessed the unique ability to give its user the power to freely alter and change the trajectory and path of its bullets shot, allowing its user to hit its target, despite firing from the opposite direction, or shoot their opponent down, despite their having numerous obstacles in their way. However, the Shingu's main weakness lied in the fact that the more times the user fires a round of bullets in a row, its accuracy gradually declines, making timing a large factor in the weapon's effective use.


Tsukushi has also shown some skill in using a sword, having employed a single-bladed saber during the battle against the Gravekeepers after she temporarily lost her handgun.

Hand to Hand Combat[]

Tsukushi has also shown a level of skill in hand to hand combat, as seen in her training match against General Budo alongside her teammates.



  • Tsukushi was Akame's best friend when they were both part of the Elite Seven.
  • Tsukushi likes to sleep together with Akame.