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Trisula is a Shingu formerly wielded by Natala up until the release of his soul from Yatsufusa's bindings. It is unknown whether the weapon was retrieved or left behind.


Trisula bears resemblance to either the Chinese Guandao or the Japanese Naginata. Its most prominent feature is its ability to extend its shaft, which allows for surprise attacks and long-range combat. Natala once used this ability to cross a wide ravine.


Trisula was crafted four-hundred years ago along with other Shingu by an Emperor who sought out to create weapons that could potentially surpass the power of a Teigu. However, upon the weapon's power not even coming close to its predecessors, the Emperor of that time instead locked away the Shingu in a secret warehouse in the Empire for the next hundred years until the weapon was given to the assassination unit by Saikyuu, where it was then given to Natala as his personal weapon.

The weapon was wielded by Natala and was kept in use after he was turned into one of Kurome's corpse puppets with Yatsufusa. After Kurome's final battle with her elder sister was cut short, Wave took it upon himself to destroy Kurome's katana and end her turmoil, which ultimately caused all of Yatsufusa's souls to be released from its binds. It is unknown if the remaining Night Raid members retrieved the Shingu or left it behind.



Trisula's guidebook page

  • Trisula is a type of South Asian trident commonly used as a Hindu-Buddhist religious symbol. The word means "three spear" in Sanskrit and Pali.
  • The Shingu was never properly addressed in the series. Its name and information were only ever revealed in the Akame ga Kill! Official Guidebook.
  • Since many Night Raid members were not familiar with the Shingu concept, Mine mistook it for a Teigu.
  • The weapon was officially recognized as a Shingu and made its appearance in the final chapters of the prequel Akame ga Kill Zero, where Uncle Bill requested to Saikyuu to give him more Teigu and Shingu to further reinforce his troops. Saikyuu agreed and gave him Trisula.