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Tonto (トント, Tonto) was a merchant who blinded Nea and killed her mother.


Tonto was a man with light shoulder-length hair and short moustache. He wore hippie-like clothes and had an diadem in the forehead. He also had small glasses.


Before Tonto became a merchant, he made several robberies. In one of these robberies, he ended up killing someone. He tried to compensate for his crimes, by donating his money to charity.


In order to open a store in the capital, Tonto made several robberies in a village called Enn, in one of those robberies he ended up killing the mother of Nea which offered resistance. Later he managed to raise enough money to open a store in the capital and decided to donate part of his profits to the less fortunate in a certain way to redeem his past actions.

Tonto's death

One day while walking down the street he recognized a girl in the crowd who thought he had killed along with his mother in one of his robberies, Nea. In desperation, he hired some thugs to kill Nea and his father in an attempt to eliminate all evidence of his past crimes. The thugs were killed by Leone and later they were found by Seryu. Because thugs have not returned he thought that they escaped with his money. Furious, he screams to himself that he compensated for his crimes. Sheele replies that it is not true. Scared by the presence of Night Raid in his house he takes out a revolver and shoots Sheele who deflects the shots with Extase proceeding to slash his eyes in revenge for what he did to Nea to finally cut him in half.