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Toby was a member of Team Stylish. He was one of the strongest minions of Dr. Stylish, referred to as "rook" (飛車) by him.


Toby was presumably, a former criminal that allowed Dr. Stylish to experiment on his body in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Toby was one of Dr. Stylish's strongest henchmen. He had his body modified, becoming mostly mechanical. This made him immune to Murasame's poison. He had a lot of weapons implanted into his body, and couldn't feel pain. during the attack of the Night Raid's headquarters, he was impaled in the chest by Lubbock using the Cross Tail's spear and then decapitated by Akame.

Equipment and Skills

He had offensive attacks, and had a lot of weapons installed inside his body, including swords and guns in his hand, and even his mouth was equipped with weapons. However, because he couldn't feel any pain, he had many gaps for counter attacks, as stated by Akame during their battle.


Toby was an tall and simplistic man with short black hair, small glasses attached on the nose and blue eyes. He wore an hat made of steel, an blue cloak with yellow stripes and dark grey t-shirt, pants and brown shoes.

When Toby was fighting, he was shown to have sharp blades under the arms and his shoes, along with guns hidden inside his mouth and arms.