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Tobari is member of the Elder's Class.


Tobari is a young woman wearing a white top and black pants.


Tobari is quite a carefree girl that enjoys living outside wartime. During wartimes, she becomes careless due to her ambitions of pursuing rank above anything else. Her urge to pursue achievement causes her to become careless. She's also a short-tempered individual who is easily provoked when Kyoukotsu taunts Soukai.


Tobari was training on the beach when she saw Akame unconsciously lying on the shore. She then informs Hinata about it and together they go to Akame. Tobari with Hinata helped Akame. When Akame awakes, both Tobari and Hinata are on sparring and Tobari won the spar. Three days after the sparring, she and Hinata spar again only this time she lost for the first time after Akame tutor Hinata in swordsmanship.

Skills and Equipment


Tobari was very skilled in swordsmanship and able to defeat Hinata every time through sparring until Akame trained Hinata and was defeated in the duel after short course training. Unlike Hinata, Tobari's swordsmanship uses two sword style. However, even with her proficiency, Yomihime manage to inflict wound on her effortlessly.



Tobari's best friend and sparring partner. She often trains with Hinata to sharpen the swordsmanship skills.