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The three beast

Group picture of the Three Beasts

The Three Beasts (三獣士, Sanjūshi, lit. "Three Beast Warriors") was a group of three people who were bodyguards, enforcers and servants of General Esdeath. They were extremely loyal to her and would carry out her orders without question even if it costs them their lives. It should be noted that out of everyone in Esdeath's army, they were the most sadistic and bloodthirsty.


This group of three people had the strongest offensive capabilities in the entire Empire. The training for the group is so brutal that many die in it. General Liver was recruited by Esdeath herself to join the group as she believed that leaving him in prison was a waste. A few years ago when some savages tribes roused to oppose the Empire and Esdeath was ordered to put a stop to this rebellion and while doing so the Three Beast accompanied her. When the mission was over, Esdeath ordered her army to violate the rebellious village but left some alive to watch in order to plant the seed of hatred so there will be more rebellion in the future. All this happened while the group smiled sadistically at the suffering of those who were left alive. Also during the Northern Tribes attack, when Esdeath's army buried 400,000 people alive, the Three Beasts were the most gleeful to carry on the act. The Three Beasts, upon returning to the capital, were ordered to kill the Prime Minister's political rival in order to lure out Night Raid and after disposing of so many targets the group were finally confronted by Night Raid's Bulat and Tatsumi, and were killed in the process. However, Liver managed to kill Bulat before dying himself. The Three Beasts were key figures in Esdeath's army, which has been weakened because of the death of this group and their Teigu were taken by the Revolutionary Army.

At some point before their death, the Three Beasts managed to destroy a regional sub-unit of Night Raid somewhere in the Empire's border, leaving Chelsea as the only survivor.


Teigu within possesion while active[]


  • While the reasons for the other two are not known, Liver's reason for joining Esdeath's group is, according to him, because he adored her for saving him.