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    19:00, December 4, 2016

    Rewatched the episode and realized something, Stylish said something about getting bigger to reach the "Ultimate" Teigu, does anyone think that the Teigu Stylish was referring to was the Imperial Teigu mentioned by Syura. If so does it mean the Imperial Teigu is somewhere above the palace.

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    • I think you're reading into what he said to literaly. His goal, the "Ultimate Teigu" is the height or pinnacle describing the grandness of his goal. Kind of like the expression "Aim High". 

      I'm pretty curious as to what this Ultimate Teigu is. Stylish's creations are nothing to scoff at. The way he's enhanced his soldiers and the various equipments he's made, the missles, human radar, and bombs he's made are all great accomplishments in my eyes.

      Just what's so great about this Ultimate Teigu that trumps all of this.

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