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The Lord is the leader of the largest religious organization in the east of the Empire, The Path of Peace. He is said to be part-Danger Beast; however, the details of this heritage are unknown.


He is a tall, slender man with the Path of Piece necklace around his forehead and long white hair. He wears priest-like clothing.


During his brief appearance, he was shown to be a kindhearted person, always putting the needs of his subjects before his own and even remembering the names of many of them. He is shown to be too trustful and putting a lot of faith in people which led to many characters (namely Tatsumi) having an impression of him not being able to lead the organization properly. He has shown to be concerned about the welfare of people he had just met like Tatsumi and Mine, further affirming his image of a good but not capable leader.


The Lord was first shown during a speech, talking about how the citizens must not give in to despair and grief.

He was then shown wandering the outskirts of Kyoroch with a small group of bodyguards and followers. There, he first met Tatsumi and Mine, who were on a scouting mission. He told them not to fight but instead profess their love for each other, predicting their future relationship.

After Bolic was killed by Night Raid, he met Tatsumi and Mine again during their time in Kyoroch. He mentioned minor details surrounding the Path of Peace's origins. Soon after, the Lord launched the rebellion against the Empire.


According to Bolic and himself, the reason why he is able to gather so many people around him is due to him having several unique powers due to being "blessed" by God. But in truth, unknowingly to him, his powers come from the fact that he is a rare Danger Beasts/Human - Hybrid and is granted many abilities due to his Danger Beast heritage.

Danger Beasts Abilities[]

Prophetic Visions[]

The Lord is stated to be able to have prophetic visions of future events. The range and accuracy of his visions is unknown, but given the fact that his large following was formed due to this ability, it's likely to be powerful and accurate enough that everything he has prophesied all came true.


The Lord is also stated to possess the ability to heal others. The exact procedure is unknown and the limits or even how powerful the ability are never revealed, but due to the large followers he gathered, it's likely that this ability was powerful enough that him using it was dubbed as "miracles" by his followers.


  • Although unknown if it was his father or mother, the race of the Danger Beasts parent of the Lord was shown to be a large, humanoid Danger Beast with a horse head.