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King Zuou in front of Tenrou's flag

Tenrou is one of the 22 nations that make up Wakoku.

Tenrou has been waging war over Soukai for ages and always failed at invasion attempts. Sakuza, one of the nation's commanders, was slain by Hinowa during the battle at sea where Yomihime forced the rest of Tenrou's troops to retreat after retrieving his head and killing Hinowa. Yomihime states that the unification of the land is on the grasp, but Tenrou has a long way to go in order to achieve it.

Ten years later, Yomihime led her own troops into Mt. Kageboshi to attack the least guarded area at the east of Shiranui Fortress in an attempt to capture it. She encounters Elder's Class, including Hinata, but was later forced to retreat thanks to Akame's nick of time reinforcement and losing the duel to Akame.

Several months later, Tenrou resumes its invasion, and this time, they are targeting Shiranui Fortress with Kyoukotsu and Yomihime as Commander. With the death of Kyoukotsu, the King decides to call upon the Ten Stars of Tenrou, with Nahashu as one of them.

The King of Tenrou has spent most of his fortune mass-producing Meihou, a series of Teigu-like weapons that were forged by using Danger Beasts as raw materials and the Ten Stars of Tenrou are rumored to wield them.

Tenrou has many Commanders with at least ten of them being at Tenrou's service. The Elitist Commander is known to be as Ten Stars of Tenrou, a position that was ranked above Commander and the highest rank on Tenrou.