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Ten Stars

Nine of the Ten Stars' current members

The Ten Stars of Tenrou are a group of ten of the most loyal and powerful people to their king - Zuou. They are known to be a rank above the commander and each of them has their own respective roles according to their specialty. Those who earn an extraordinary achievement or possess exceptional skills will be promoted to Ten Stars of Tenrou. The newest member to join Ten Stars of Tenrou is Nahashu after he defeats the proud swordsman Rangeki months prior to Akame's arrival. 


The Ten Stars of Tenrou are first mentioned by Strange Elder where they are the top ten commanders of Tenrou while the class already engage Yomihime once during the battle of Mt. Kageboshi. Before the battle of Shiranui Fortress, Kyoukotsu aims to put Princess Rinzu as a part of his art with a goal to become one of the Ten Stars of Tenrou. Following the death of Kyoukotsu, Zuou summons the Ten Stars of Tenrou with all of them are present except Magatsu who earn special permission to leave from Zuou personally. Akugetsu has made a plan to disrupt the surrounding countries economy by using Tenrou's wealth to cause internal economy turmoil and invade once the neighboring country shows an opening, knowing in current state Tenrou are unable to invade after Yomihime's recent defeat at Shiranui Fortress.




Deceased members[]