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The Teigu Troops are a group of unnamed men and women within the Revolutionary Army. It consists of members that use Teigu.

Role in the Events of Akame ga Kill! []

During the final battle against the Empire where the Revolutionary Army finally made its final bid to win the civil war and take the Capital City, where several of the Teigu Troops were seen leading the offensive against the Capital. As seen where the new user of the Teigu's Scream was bolstering the Army's soldiers and increasing their basic abilities and the two new users of Extase, Belvaac and Black Marlin was using their own Teigu's to spearhead the invasion. Upon finally breaching the enemy defensive army and reaching the wall's, an unnamed Teigu user was seen using his Teigu to command a legion of Danger Beasts to siege the walls,thus beginning the invasion offensive. And later upon the final battle against Esdeath, several of the Teigu Troops attempted to battle and kill her upon her using her Trump Card to place the entire continent of the Empire in a artificial Russian Winter to slowly kill the Revolutionary Army. With the new user of Belvac attempting to spearhead the attack only to be frozen by Esdeath easily, her comrade, the User of the Danger Beasts then attempted to have his remaining Danger Beasts kill her in mass numbers,only for Esdeath to then easily freeze them to death. Their comrades the new users of Heavy Pressure, Spectator and Balzac then attempted more cunning and indirect attacks to kill her, only to be brushed aside by Esdeah as "annoying" and they were defeated. Later, the new users of Adaysu, Die Leaguer, Shamshir, Extase and an unnamed Teigu then attempted a more direct approach and use combo attacks and teamwork to defeat the general, only to be again be defeated easily by Esdeath using her own raw skill and nearly killed by her if not for the intervention of Akame who then defeated Esdeath in a epic battle.

The Teigu Troops where then seen among the survivors of the Revolutionary Army to welcome the New Kingdom built. Later, upon the stabilization of the new government, many of the Teigu Troops proceeded to continue serving their country and officially joining the New Kingdom's military.

Known Teigu in possession[]