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Team Stylish was a group of humans modified and led by Dr. Stylish.


Episode 11

Team Stylish attacks Night Raid

Dr. Stylish had performed experiments on countless individuals, most of whom were former criminals who received a lighter sentence in exchange for participating. He gave them special abilities that allowed them to perform tasks no ordinary human could do. They were very loyal to him, and were used to protect Dr. Stylish from attacks, and to attack his enemies.

When Dr. Stylish tracked Tatsumi to Night Raid's headquarters, he used his group to attack them in hopes of gaining new test subjects. However, in an ensuing battle, the strongest fighters of the group fell, forcing the doctor to fuse with his remaining team members, forming a large monster. But his efforts were in vain, as he was eventually killed by Akame.


  • Dr. Stylish  (Leader and founder; killed by Night Raid's Akame)
  • Hana  (Absorbed by Dr. Stylish)
  • Kaku  (Killed by Night Raid's Mine)
  • Me  (Absorbed by Dr. Stylish)
  • Mimi  (Absorbed by Dr. Stylish)
  • Toby  (Killed by Night Raid's Akame and Lubbock)
  • Trooma  (Killed by Night Raid's Leone)
  • Foot Soldiers - a large group of weaker enhanced troops wearing masks whom Dr. Stylish refers to as his "pawns". Most of them were slaughtered by Susanoo. They had bombs implanted into their bodies, allowing Stylish to trigger their self-destruction whenever he chose.

Teigu within possession while active[]