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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.
Tatsumi and Mine Kiss

Tatsumi and Mine's first and final kiss

Following the successful assassination of Bolic, Tatsumi and Lubbock, with the help from a member of the resistance infiltrated the Palace but were ambushed by Syura who set up a trap prior to their arrival. Tatsumi was then forced to fight Budo but was defeated and had to watch Lubbock being stabbed to death in front of him. In an attempt to lower the morale of the revolutionary army, Honest ordered a public execution of Tatsumi, which was crashed by Night Raid. Tatsumi was successfully rescued from the execution but had to pay the price of losing Mine and Susanoo.

When Kurome challenges Akame to a final duel between the two sisters, Tatsumi went along stopping Wave from interrupting the sisters' battle, comforting Akame after the duel. With the Revolutionary Army now gaining more momentum, and closing to victory, Tatsumi, Akame and Leone infiltrates the palace to assassinate Honest and end the corruption once and for all. The trio was then intercepted by Run as Leone decides to stay behind and handle Run, while Tatsumi and Akame progresses on with their mission.

Tatsumi and Akame successfully arrives at the Throne Room where Honest has hid himself in, along with the Emperor and a few imperial guards. Akame attempts to kill Honest, but fails. The Emperor blames Night Raid for causing chaos in the kingdom. However, Tatsumi attempts to convince him that Honest has been manipulating him and he is the one who caused the chaos under his tyranny and allowing the innocent to die. However. Honest rebuffs his accusation, stating that what he did was for the Emperor, but Tatsumi calls out his lies and insults him stating that his tyranny and the Empire are finished, earning him Honest's anger. Unfortunately for Tatsumi and Akame, Honest has successfully persuaded The Emperor to activate the Imperial Teigu, Shikoutazer, as the Emperor pilots the giant Teigu.

Incursio's Evolved Form in Anime

Incursio evolves

After the summoning of the Shikoutazer, Tatsumi launches himself at the Imperial Teigu in an attempt to stop it after witnessing its destructive powers and the casualty caused. Many of his attacks were ineffective against the Imperial Teigu but with the help of Wave, he was able to find a weak-spot in the Teigu. Asking for Wave's assistance to make an opening for him, Tatsumi successfully utilize the opening created by Wave to attack the Shikoutazer's weak point which unfortunately failed and was blasted back instead. A desperate Emperor questions why Tatsumi keeps on fighting and begs him to give up. Greatly injured in that exchange, Tatsumi, determined to never give up and ignoring the Emperor's pleas, summons the Incursio again, as the Incursio takes in Tatsumi's feeling and further evolves now with wings.

Tatsumi's Anime Death Scene

Tatsumi dying in Akame's arms

Going in for a second attempt to destroy the Shikoutazer, Tatsumi with the evolved Incursio easily dodges all of the Shikoutazer's attack. He then punches the Imperial Teigu at its weak spot for a second time, successfully punching all the way through the Shikoutazer, disabling it and defeating the Emperor. For a brief moment, it looked as if it was over and Tatsumi, though badly injured, had never the less made it.

A second later, the disabled Shikoutazer started to collapse. To Tatsumi's horror, he suddenly realized that the giant mecha was now falling towards a group of civilians. Unwilling to let them die, the heavily injured Tatsumi mustered the last of his strength and flies to stop the the Shikoutazer from harming them. This selfless action, would prove to be Tatsumi's last. He was able to prevent the Teigu from crashing down on the civilians but at the cost of bursting every vein in his body.

As the citizens stared on in shock and horror, Akame arrived. There she found Tatsumi lying fatally wounded, still clinging the front of the Shikoutazer. Still wrapped in the badly damaged Incursio, Tatsumi smiled at his friend. Knowing what was about to happen, Tatsumi apologized for not being able to keep his promise. The two friends approached other, arms stretched out towards the other. A split second before they could embrace properly however, Tatsumi succumbed to his wounds and died in Akame's arms. Damaged beyond repair, Incursio started to disintegrate. Though she called him out on his failure to keep his promise, Akame was distraught at the loss of her friend. She continued to cradle his body log after Incursio had faded.

Moments later, Esdeath arrived. Realizing that Tatsumi was dead, the Ice Queen said that he was weak. At the same time though, she felt a pain that she could not explain which, unbeknownst to her, was grief. Esdeath then rendered Tatsumi's sacrifice completely pointless by slaughtering several approaching soldiers and several of the spectators in a wall of ice, creating a makeshift arena. With the final adversary in front of her, Akame was forced to leave Tatsumi's body in order to fight what would be the final battle of the war.

Following a long drawn out fight that pushed both women to their absolute limit, Akame successfully managed to slash Esdeath across the chest. Poisoned and slowly dying, the General had a quick conversation with the assassin, before accepting her defeat. She walked past Akame, saying that it was time to die. Akame realized where she was heading a split second too late. Conjuring up a wall of ice between herself and her opponent, Esdeath went over to Tatsumi's corpse. Holding him to her, the Ice Queen lamented on how she wished they could have been beside each other. She then froze their bodies in ice, which shattered moments later, tearing their forms into pieces. These pieces were then carried off towards the skies. In death, Esdeath succeeded in making sure that she and Tatsumi would remain together always.

In the aftermath of the revolution with Honest's death, Wave and Run visited Kurome's grave. There, they talked about their late commander noting that Tatsumi was probably still running away from Esdeath again in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Tatsumi's village, perhaps in honor of Tatsumi's role in aiding the revolution, received more than enough assistance from the new government to ensure their survival. They said they would prepare a celebration in the form of an extravagant for Tatsumi and his friends' return, unaware that they would never see any of the brave trio again due to their deaths at the Capital.