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Taeko was an assassin that appeared in the prequel manga series, Akame ga Kill! Zero. She was one of Chelsea's previous teammates.


Taeko is a young lady with long, dark grey hair and lime eyes. Her clothing is made from a special material from the Oarburgh that can wash away blood and remove its smell immediately.


Seemingly devoid of emotions, Taeko rarely spoke. She was extremely loyal to Babara, willing to complete every order handed by Babara, even if it meant killing her friend.


Taeko was found and raised by the Oarburghs as an assassin. She was eventually assigned to work with Babara Oarburgh and Chelsea.

She was then hired by the Revolutionary Army along with Babara and Chelsea to dispose of the Elite Seven which has been posing a threat to the Revolutionary Army by eliminating its supporters. While staying at a hot spring inn to plan their next move after the failure of their first mission that ended with the annihilation of the Tengu Mercenaries, she meets and befriends Cornelia, unaware of her identity. Eventually learning about her Identity from Chelsea, she calls Cornelia out and engages against her in a deathmatch and kills her after destroying the latter's Shingu.

She later encountered Akame after her fight against Cornelia, taking Akame to the spot where she killed Cornelia, attempting to kill Akame as well. Unfortunately, Akame was able to sense Taeko's intention and a fight ensued between the two of them as Akame gains the advantage and kills Taeko, avenging Cornelia.

Equipment and Skills[]

Physical Abilities[]

Much like the Elite Seven, Taeko, from a young age, possessed a powerful, innate potential for combat, so much so that even seasoned assassins like Babara Oarburgh deemed her to be the most talented assassins of her generation. Due to being trained since infancy by the Oarburgh Clan and her training being personally overseen by Babara herself, Taeko has displayed superhuman levels of strength, speed, endurance and stamina, having been able to fully block a powerful blow from Cornelia's Crushing King head on and still remain strong enough to continue fighting her with no notable drop in power.

Taeko herself showcased that she possessed the needed stamina and endurance to fight several difficult, consecutive battles in a row, as seen when she was able to still be battle ready, despite the grave injuries and damage her battle against Cornelia had inflicted on her, and was still able to challenge Akame immediately soon after.


Taeko's main skills in combat resided in her immense sword skills, having been skilled and talented enough to fight on equal footing both Cornelia and Akame of the Elite Seven evenly and even managed to overpower and kill Cornelia despite her overwhelming physical strength advantage using her sword play.

Taeko's sword is coated in a powerful Oarburgh-made poison that is stated to have no antidote and is considered extremely potent as seen when only a small dose of its poison was able to severely impede and poison Cornelia who, despite being resistant to poison, was still heavily weakened by the poison.


  • Mountain Gale: Taeko moves to target location swiftly and slashes her enemies. The slash is strong enough to cut the air and destroy the surface.
  • Scattering Breeze: Taeko concentrates and waits for an enemy attack to counterattack. According to her, this ability brings "death to those who draw near". This ability protects Taeko from close-range attacks, however, she cannot protect herself against long-ranged attacks.
  • Summit Gust: Taeko slashes the air which easily bifurcates a stone wall from a distance.
  • Twister: Taeko releases her limits to move target location instantly without leaving a trace. She can use this ability repeatedly after activating it. While using this ability, her eyes enlarge and pupils become invisible.
  • Zephyr: Taeko sheathes her sword to unsheathe it again and slashes her enemy swiftly while the sword emits white light from its blade.

Physical Body Manipulation Techniques[]

  • Limit Removal - Taeko, like the other members of the Oarburgh Clan, was trained in their technique to consciously remove her brain's limiters on her physical body, allowing her a temporary but powerful boost in speed and strength, having incorporated this technique into her swordsmanship and created the technique "Twister" as a result.
  • Muscle Control - Taeko has also been trained to be able to manipulate her muscles to a certain degree, as seen when she managed to harden and strengthen her arms muscles in order to successfully block the powerful concentrated punch of Cornelia Crushing King.
  • Hidden Needle - Taeko also had a hidden needle stashed away in her mouth that she could then shoot at her opponent by spitting it at them for sneak attacks.


Taeko has also been equipped with various Oarburgh created equipment that where especially created to assist her in assassination.

  • Clothing - Taeko's clothing were created using special cloth and threads that were made especially to easily wash off blood and odors, allowing their assassins to immediately remove all traces of their work from their clothing the moment they're washed.
  • Sword - The sword that Taeko mainly used in battle was created using first class materials, as seen when the sword was powerful and durable enough to withstand several blows from the Shingu Crushing King and was even capable of gradually damaging it until eventually destroying it.
  • Oarburgh Healing Medicine - Taeko also kept at least a single bottle of a special Oarburgh-created medicine created to instantly heal wounds inflicted mid battle. Taeko applied it to herself when she was cut by Akame during their duel. However, due to the unique properties of Akame's Shingu, the medicine was rendered useless.