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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

When Tatsumi and Lubbock attempted to infiltrate the palace with help of the Revolutionary spies, Syura and Budo intercept the two Night Raid members with Syura already destroyed the Revolutionary hideout and killed its occupants much to Tatsumi's disgust.

After Budo went off to fight Tatsumi now clad in his Incursio, Syura then battles Lubbock, telling Wild Hunt not to interfere in their fight as he apparently had the advantage over Lubbock thanks to his Shambhala. But in his arrogance, Syura was caught in Lubbock's deadly threads that were set up during his running around the palace earlier, resulting in his arm being sliced off in great pain. Noticing the woman from the Revolutionary Army attempts to gain his favor to release her parents by stabbing Lubbock in the back, Syura laughed at her feeble efforts as he told her that her parents were already dead a long time ago before killing her. This angers Lubbock who now managed to get himself up and battled Syura once more, almost winning.

In one final attempt to kill the Night Raid member, Syura sends Lubbock in Shambhala's space dimension to die there but ultimately he was killed by Lubbock by getting his heart crushed using Cross Tail in his final breath before falling to his death by Syura's guards.

In the aftermath, Budo came to inform Honest of his son's death at the hands of Lubbock, but was disgusted of the Prime Minister's lack of sympathy for his kin's demise.