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Syura was the son of Prime Minister Honest as well as the leader of Wild Hunt.


Syura was a bulky young man with tan skin, amber eyes (green in the manga) and pale lilac hair (white in the manga). He had a noticeable X-shaped scar on his face and a crown-like headgear similar to his father's. He wore a white, skintight shirt that revealed his stomach and white pants. In his first appearance, he had a hooded jacked which obscured his figure and face.


Like his father, Syura was an extremely cruel, ruthless and sadistic man who enjoyed harassing civilians and brutally killing them as he pleased. He was murderously perverted as he enjoyed brutally raping women, using them as sex toys. He had a tendency to lick his lips whenever picking up a woman, as seen with Kurome. He also enjoyed torturing his enemies as a means to make them spill out information, as seen with Lubbock.

He behaved very much like a spoiled brat, his status as the son of the Prime Minister giving him an over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. As such, he felt entitled to the right to do as he pleased, and was quick to anger when things didn't go his way, becoming violent whenever someone got in his way. He was also extremely concerned, or rather obsessed, with pleasing his father and would become emotionally unstable whenever he felt he was in danger of losing his approval.


Shortly after the formation of the Jaegers, Syura returned to the Capital after traveling for a while. Unbeknownst to the authorities, he unleashed a horde of new Danger Beasts, created by Dr. Stylish, resulting in them terrorizing peaceful villages around the Capital.

Syura observed the battle between the new Danger Beasts and Seryu and noted to himself that the Jaegers were very powerful, but not as strong as the group he intended to put together, deciding to let them "play" with his "toys" in the meantime.

Later, he found Esdeath and Tatsumi together at the summit of Mt. Fake, and after being noticed while hiding, he noted that it was too early to let the Prime Minister know about his return. He then used his Teigu, Shambhala, to teleport them to a remote island in the far south, where they were attacked by a giant Danger Beast very similar to Dr. Stylish's ultimate form.

After the mission to kill Bolic concluded, Syura stayed in the Imperial Palace, seated on a throne in his private room, surrounded by his group. He told them that the time had come and that the Empire will now be their "toy".

Syura then returned to the Empire, revealing that he was on a mission given to him by his father to find "people with useful talents". Syura decided to give a demonstration of the people he found by making them slaughter the death row prisoners and introduced them to his father.

Wild Hunt Members

Syura leading Wild Hunt

Shortly after that, Syura and his newly formed Wild Hunt were ordered to investigate the Umatora Theater in the Capital as there was a play that was criticizing the Empire. The producer denied the accusation and tried to bribe Syura, but he declined the money in a heartbeat declaring the death sentence on them, and it quickly lead to the entire theater troupe being raped and killed by Wild Hunt. After this devilish act, Syura joyfully told his father how much of a kick he was getting from leading Wild Hunt, while also telling him that he had made preparations to take out Night Raid. Along with his father, he watched the Great General Budo arrive.

Syura, along with his father and other advisers of the Emperor, discussed the danger that the Revolutionary Army poses to the Empire before being interrupted by the arrival of Great General Budo. Syura noted that the reasons that his father can remain calm when he's facing the Revolutionary Army was because of the "ultimate Teigu" that has been passed down the imperial bloodline and the presence of Budo and his imperial guards.

Wave's Epic Punch

Syura being punched by Wave

Syura later continued his 'investigations', furthering his evil deeds, which included the rape and murder of Bols' family, an action that infuriated Wave. Back inside the palace, Syura noticed Wave talking with Kurome, gaining an interest in her. Syura tried to make Kurome one of his "toys" but was stopped by Wave, who was still enraged over what Syura did to his fallen friend's family. Syura and Wave almost started a Teigu battle inside the Palace but were stopped by Budo, who instead told them to finish it in a fist fight in the courtyard. Agreeing to the terms, Syura fought Wave in a fist fight, and while initially having the advantage, Wave managed to adapt to Syura's fighting style and defeat him, ultimately winning the fight.

After his loss, Syura was reprimanded by his father. Left angered over his loss to Wave and desperate to prove himself to Honest, Syura switched his attention to Night Raid.

After the deaths of Champ and Enshin, Dorothea managed to collect Cosmina's body and managed to save her. Dorothea informed him that she couldn't save Champ or Enshin, but he simply shrugged off their deaths. Afterward, he went to meet his father who introduced Suzuka to him. He mocked her for being the last remaining Rakshasha Demon. Suzuka informed Syura of Tatsumi's status as a Night Raid member and wielder of Incursio. Seeing his picture, Syura recognizes him from when he teleported Esdeath and Tatsumi to an uninhabited island. Honest lends Syura his troops in order to capture Night Raid and warns him not to disappoint him which Syura agrees to.

Syura ambushes Tatsumi and Lubbock

Syura's ambush

A week later, Syura ambushes Tatsumi and Lubbock and teleports them inside the palace. Despite outnumbering him, Tatsumi manages to send Syura flying along with Dorothea and Suzuka, however, Tatsumi was stopped by Budo and Esdeath. After capturing the two, Budo angrily hits Syura for teleporting them inside of the palace. Syura cruelly tortured Lubbock for information on the whereabouts of the Night Raid Hideout. Syura gives Lubbock the night to think about it. Afterward, Izou asked him on the progress and Syura replied that Lubbock will crack soon and that his eyes were showing signs of defeat.

Lubbock kills Syura

Syura is killed by Lubbock

After torturing Lubbock, Syura went to brag to his father about capturing two Night Raid members. Syura points out that he once saw Tatsumi and Esdeath together and attempts to accuse Esdeath of being a traitor, but Honest just sighed at this and pointed out that if she was a traitor she would be leading the Revolutionary Army. Honest then confronts Syura with evidence that he released the humanoid danger beasts and that Wild Hunt is disbanded. After being harshly scolded by his father, Syura confronts Lubbock with what he knows. Lubbock offers to tell them Night Raid's hideout and asks for a map, but before he tells them anything, Lubbock uses some strings hidden in his mouth to break Syura's neck.

Equipment and Skills[]

Syura possessed the Teigu Shambhala, which is capable of spatial manipulation, allowing him to teleport people across large distances. He was shown to be extremely fast and agile, being able to climb Mt. Fake in a short amount of time, giving Lubbock only moments to hide after noticing a presence moving up the mountainside.

Syura was also extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat, having demonstrated to be an extremely strong martial art master. According to Budo, Syura incorporated numerous different martial arts of various countries into his fighting style. He completely overpowered several highly skilled disciples of the Imperial Fist - which is the best school of martial arts in the Empire - within seconds. With a double palm strike, he badly injured Wave, with the aftershock creating a powerful shockwave. Budo stated Syura was close to perfecting his strength.


  • His name, usually romanized as "Shura", means "fighting" or "scene of carnage" in Japanese.
  • A scrapped story bit had Syura using his Teigu to send members of Night Raid as well as members of the Jaegers to an alternate dimension (a running manga within the GanGan Joker magazine) where the two would've had to work together to return and defeat Syura.[1]
  • His design is likely inspired by Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist, given their shared dark skin, white hair, muscular build and even the matching X-shaped scar on their faces.
  • In the anime, Syura's death is altered drastically. During the fight with Lubbock, he uses his string to cut his heart, instead of breaking his neck like in the manga.


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