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Suzumaru is member of Elder's Class.


Suzumaru has dark-colored cheek length hair.



Suzumaru was deployed with the rest of Elder's Class to Mt. Kageboshi in their first battle debut. He and the Class manage to fend off rear attacks by Yomihime while Kisame is holding off enemy assault at the main camp single-handedly.

When Yomihime appears, Suzumaru and the class engage her together but his spears break before Akame arrived to assist them. Seeing the battle against Yomihime and manage to repel her, he survived the battle and rewarded by Maruge for his actions.

Returning from battle, he was teased by his elder brother, Kisaru because he wants to love someone but he denies that he has a crush on neither Hinata or Tobari.

Skills and Equipment

Suzumaru excels in Spearmanship skills, being able to deflect arrows and use a spear beyond its maximum range. After his spears were destroyed in his first battle against Yomihime, Suzumaru obtained a new Meihou spear using reward money from battle.