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Suzuka was a member of the Four Rakshasa Demons, who served as the Prime Minister's squad of executioners.


Suzuka Bandaged

Suzuka after being hit by Esdeath.

Suzuka wears clothes similar to those of a shrine maiden's, with a loose kimono shirt exposing her cleavage held by a single breast guard on her right breast. She has black hair and a scar on her face across her nose and under her right eye. Like her fellow Demons, she wears armor plating on her forearms. After being smashed into the wall by Esdeath, Suzuka is now seen with bandages covering the lower half of her face and neck.


Suzuka is a masochist and is most likely bisexual, as she was shown allowing herself to be struck by the blades of a group of spies she had located simply to experience some pleasure, and rated them poorly. Even when she was sent to the torture chamber, she was happy being whipped. She went so far as to fantasize about being tortured by Esdeath. After escaping a live burial, she expressed interest in Tatsumi and his ways. Following his capture, she tried to violate him, but was stymied by Esdeath.

Like her comrades, Suzuka appeared to find joy in battle and was somewhat playful during it, but she was level-headed and quickly noticed her enemy's flaws.


Almost nothing is known about Suzuka background. However, it is known that she was trained in Kouken Temple to be one of the Four Kouken Temple Rakshasa demons, who served as the Prime Minister's squad of executioners. She fought Teigu users with her comrades and managed to kill the user and take the Teigu back.

Suzuka and her companions came to help the Elite Seven defeat the Oarburgh clan. With Mez, they were spying on their hideout. Suzuka was able to slip in, and she told Kurome where she could find a cure on Wrigglers that Dr. Stylish prepared. Later when other Rakshasa Demons and Elite Seven started ambush, Suzuka alongside with Ibara and Akame fought Cassandra. Suzuka and Ibara bought time Akame, so she could go after Merraid. Cassandra was too strong and they needed the help of other Rakshasa Demons and Elite Seven other members to take her down.

Suzuka and her fellow demons were tasked with protecting Bolic from Night Raid. However, her comrades were killed by Night Raid members which left her as the only surviving demon. After recognizing Mine and Tatsumi to be suspicious, she, Seryu Ubiquitous and Coro left to investigate. Suzuka was asked to report to Esdeath but was intercepted by Tatsumi.

After Tatsumi engages in battle with her, he ends up defeating her by collapsing the entire building that they were in. However, she is shown to be alive thanks to the Rakshasa Demons' body-manipulating skills. After her defeat by Tatsumi, she was ordered to be tortured by the Prime Minister, which she simply enjoyed. Afterward, she assisted Wild Hunt by showing them a photo of Tatsumi's face, which was previously unknown to the Empire. This then led to the capture of Tatsumi and Lubbock and the revealing of the Incursio wielder to Esdeath and Budo.

After both members of Night Raid were captured Suzuka and Dorothea tried to violate Tatsumi. However, Esdeath interfered and slammed Suzuka's face to the wall and warned Dorothea to tell the other member of Wild Hunt to not lay a finger on Tatsumi again. Suzuka recovered from her injury, however, the lower half of her face had to be heavily bandaged. She began serving as the Prime Minister's bodyguard and expressed interest in Dorothea's alchemy.

Also mused as to the vicious cruelty Esdeath showed when she clobbered her, not to mention Tatsumi's determination during his near defilement calling it a night of bliss and ecstasy. When Dorthea and her crew had been slaughtering Revolutionary Army bases left and right to lure out Night Raid, Suzuka warned her about watching out for Tatsumi.

Going on to warn the Alchemist that poison wouldn't be near enough to finish him. As they fought, she noticed that the former had practically limitless growth potential which had come to bloom during his fight with the two strongest members in the Empire. Clarifying that letting such a dangerous element like him live is a dangerous situation in the making, but Dorthea simply laughs her warning off, sarcastically calling such remarks coming from the Rakshasa high praise for him.

After Wild Hunt is disbanded, she is reassigned to be under Esdeath's command, which greatly excites her. She later confronts Akame and tries to kill her by making an entire basement collapse on top of them. She is buried under the rubble but survives and leaves the Capital with Esdeath's severed hand.


Due to being a member of the Four Rakshasa Demons, Suzuka has displayed superhuman levels of strength, speed, endurance and durability. With her most notable trait being her immense durability and endurance, Suzuka has so far survived being buried alive twice, survived being slammed into a wall by the immensely physically powerful Esdeath,Tortured repeatedly by the Prime Ministers Torturers and several other normally fatal injuries inflicted on her by various other opponents due to her Masochistic Habits, all of whom she had successfully recovered from without any noticeable damage to her body.

Hand-to-Hand Combat[]

Suzuka being one of the Four Rakshasa Demons was also likely trained in the Imperial Fist Temple and as such has displayed immense skill in hand to hand combat to the point that she could easily fight Teigu users barehanded and even hold the advantage over them, as seen when she easily held the Upper Hand against Tatsumi despite him wearing Incursio during their first battle and would have likely killed him if he hadn't resorted to a suicidal attack, her skills are further given credence due to her claims that along with her teammates managed to kill and retrieve five other Teigu and kill their previous users.

Body Manipulation[]

Suzuka, like her teammates, displayed the unique ability to freely manipulate and control her body in a variety of unique ways for combat after eating the Kraken Broth of the Imperial Fist Temple. So far she has displayed the ability to freely extend and sharpen her nails to stab someone from long range, manipulate the shape of her nails to pick locks, deflate, flatten and contort her body to fit inside a small vase, extend her limbs to increase the range of her kicks and punches and flatten her entire body to survive being buried alive.


Having been curious about Alchemy, Suzuka asked Dorothea about this particular field of scientific-magic and asked to be given a few pointers on the subject and succeeded on obtaining a novice level of skill and knowledge on its usage, enough to allow her to suspend and completely stop the rotting of a severed limb.


  • In the anime, Suzuka died during her battle with Tatsumi.