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Suzaku was a leader of the Revolutionary Army's unit from Mount Hakuba, who were posing as bandits.


Suzaku was an tall man with a lean body. He has spiky hair similar to Rokugou and black eyes, wears an collar with a small fang of some animal, a white shirt hiden under a cloak, baggy pants and black boots.


Suzaku is a coldhearted person who was always searching some "familiar problems" through his teammates in the majority of times he never loses his calm while enjoying drinking.

Unlike most members, he didn't have a deep-seated grudge and desire for vengeance against the ones who killed his comrades, as he only wants to monitorize cities, but sometimes, he freaks out when there's some missing members (like Mashiro, for exemple).


He is first seen when he tells the other Mount Hakuba members to stop the fight against each other, Suzaku later tries to analyse each person, later in his dojo house Suzaku is talking with Mudi about monitoring the cities while drinking some liquor. But Suzaku warned everyone after he played an gong, mounted on his horse he is distracted by Kurome's Yatsufusa puppets. But when Akame arrived, she slashes him in the abdomen.

Equipment and skills[]

Suzaku is shown to be expert in swordsmanship. Despite never being shown killing, he easily gets his sword and jumps off his horse when he sees enemies behind him.