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Suka was The Enthusiasts group's leader, who bought young girls from poor villages in order to abuse them, both physically and mentally, for their own enjoyment.


Suka was an elderly man with black hair wrapped in a horn-like shape on each side of his head. He wore a leisure-styled kimono with black pants and sandals.


Suka, like his companions, was psychopathic and sadistic, remarking how he enjoyed abusing young women, both mentally and physically. During Night Raid's assault on the group, Suka displayed his cowardliness when attempting to escape the chaos by pretending to be dead and lying amidst a pile of corpses.


Suka was one of the Enthusiasts to whom Bach sold three young girls to be abused for their own pleasure.

When Fal attempted to escape a guard's hold, the man broke her legs on Bach's orders, to which Suka commented that the girl's screams were quite enjoyable for him to hear.

Over the course of time, the group abused the three to the point where Fal eventually succumbed to her injuries and Luna committed suicide by throwing herself out of a window.

Late at night, during a feast, Bach informed the Enthusiasts of their next meeting and promised to deliver more lively girls like before. Moments later, Night Raid launched an all-out attack to eliminate the group, with Mine busting through the window and gunning down most of their members. Suka, surviving by sheer luck, lied amidst his now deceased comrades in hopes of escaping when the situation calmed down. However, Lubbock saw through his charade and quickly hanged him.