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Strange Elder, whose name was later revealed to be Enji, was the founder of Elder's Class and a former member of the Ten Stars of Tenrou.


Enji was an elderly man with a long mustache and beard. He appeared in Hinowa Ga Crush!


Enji was a cunning, wise and brilliant man in forming strategies and plans. He was able to form up a plan up to years to come. Every plan he made, he would always devise a counter plan should one of his plan go sideways. Through his strategist mind, he was able to determine one's true goal as he foiled Zuou's attempt to hunt down Mermaids at Soukai far before Zuou himself realized it by having his class hunt and consume it.

At Tenrou, Zuou regards him as a brilliant strategist and commander, deeming it worth to become a part of Ten Stars of Tenrou due to his abilities above Akugetsu. It is said that his strategist capabilities were able to restore Tenrou into the current state, in both military and economical aspect.

In Soukai, he was deeply respected by his pupils, including Akame. Throughout his legacy, he forms several bonds with people outside both Soukai and Tenrou, leaving his pupils to find it and to follow his plan if they wishes to defeat Tenrou.

Upon facing his death, Enji was prepared for it and leaving the legacy for his students to carry out his will.


Enji returns to the village at least once a week to hold a class with his classroom. He stays behind in the village when the class, except Akame, departed to Mt. Kageboshi for their first war. Akame pleaded to Enji, using her experience at war to assist his class and allow her to assist his class that was about to be annihilated by Yomihime.

After the battle, Enji administers the medicinal herb on Tobari to hasten the rejuvenation further. At the class after the war, Enji reveals information he knows about Meihou and assigns the class to hunt down Umibouzu, a squid Danger beast with Kumehachi as a bait due to him waste most of the reward money on girls. He will also provide financial support for Akame as a token of gratitude for saving his class from certain death by Yomihime in Mt. Kageboshi.

Skills and Equipment[]


As an expert herbalist, Enji knows how to procure a medicinal herb that can cure the injured and ease down the effects of a curse temporarily. He provides the medicinal herbs to ease down Murasame's curse on Akame for a short amount of time.


Enji was noted to be famous of preparing plans for years ahead. He was noted by Zuou as one of the best minister that brings Tenrou to what it is before the war started. He foil Zuou's plan to capture his actual goal, Mermaid by exterminating it and giving the danger beast to his class to be consumed.

Aware of his death, Enji left his legacy to his students, advising on multiple oddities and placing the bet that his class can defeat Zuou in a long-term.

His strategist capabilities was noted to be surpassing Akugetsu's, due to being able to plan many oddities in the future.