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Sten was one of the Four Rakshasa Demons who served as the Prime Minister's squad of executioners. He was killed by Night Raid member Lubbock


Sten was a large and brutal, middle-aged man with a heavily muscular build, similar to Ibara's. He had a long, braided hairstyle, with hair sticking far out at the sides, and bald at the top of his head. He had a long, bushy beard and mustache, bushy eyebrows, and dark prominent circles around his eyes. Similar to his fellow Rakshasa Demons, he wore armor plating on his forearms. He also wore a large iron pauldron on his left shoulder.


Sten was a serious person who was willing to kill anyone who was the Prime Minister's enemies, even innocent bystanders. He also had a tendency to say that whenever he killed a person, he preferred to call it "releasing their souls".


Sometime in the past, Sten trained Prime Minister Honest in the martial arts.

Sten and his companions came to help the Elite Seven to defeat the Oarburgh clan. He helped Gozuki get back to a healthy state. Later, when the other Rakshasa Demons and Elite Seven started an ambush, Sten, alongside Mez and the Elite Seven members, fought Gilberda. After they defeated her, they came to help Suzuka and Ibara with killing Cassandra.

Sten appeared alongside his fellow demons at a party hosted by Bolic where they meet the Jaegers, as they were tasked with protecting Bolic from Night Raid. When Seryu spoke up and said that they should have Teigu in case they come across Night Raid, Sten stated that Teigu users are still human, with Mez adding that there are countless ways to deal with them.

Later, Sten and Mez found Lubbock walking in the streets of Kyoroch and instantly deduce him as an enemy by the way he walks. They proceed to chase him through an alleyway where Sten witnesses Mez deliver a powerful strike that seemingly kills Lubbock. Afterwards, Sten waited for Mez to chase a girl from the Revolutionary Army's spy team over to him. After they have her cornered, Sten grabbed her by the throat and prepared to kill her, claiming he was going to free her soul. He then intercepted a knife thrown at him by Lubbock, who was actually playing dead, who decided to save her. Sten charged at Lubbock and proceeded to unleash several powerful strikes that Lubbock managed to block with his threads, which Sten realizes is a Teigu as he backs off. Sten then witnessed Lubbock bundle his threads into an axe and jump into the air to strike him, but Sten easily catched the blade with his hands and called his apparent Trump Card pathetic. After Lubbock jumped back, he points behind Sten, which causes him to turn around and see that the girl had fled, which was Lubbock's goal from the start. As Lubbock started running away, Sten rushed after him, though Lubbock told him it was a bad idea. Sure enough, Sten saw a thread left behind by Lubbock and he tried to cut it with his beard, but he was unable to as it was Lubbock's true Trump Card: Realm-Cutting Thread, and ended up caught by his neck. Lubbock then threw a spear made of his bundled threads at Sten which impaled him, though he claimed his trained body would not fall from such a wound. Lubbock then revealed that the minute he was impaled, he started unraveling his threads around his heart. Lubbock then reeled back in his threads which sliced Sten's heart to pieces, killing him.

Equipment and Skills[]

Being one of the Four Rakshasa Demons, Sten is a very strong physical fighter with immense strength that could overwhelm Teigu users in battle as shown giving Lubbock a hard time dealing with him in battle. He also possessed superhuman speed.

His signature move is Imperial Fist: Hundred Fists (皇拳寺百刹拳, Kōkenji Hyakusetsuken).