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Spear was the daughter of the former Prime Minister Chouri, and a disciple of the Imperial Fist.


Spear was a young girl with long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a winter coat and large hat.


Spear was cheerful and confident in her fighting skills. She seemed to have been somewhat insecure about being unmarried, which was occasionally brought up her father. While initially standing bravely against the Three Beasts, she was nevertheless frightened by them.


She was believed by her father to be a gallant person, and was very skillful with a spear. They were ordered to be assassinated by the Prime Minister, who often used assassins to eliminate his political enemies. She and her father's troops were attacked by the Three Beasts on the capital outskirts. Spear managed to evade an intended killing blow from Daidara, only suffering a minor wound to the midsection; however, she was then killed by Nyau, who skinned her face off, resulting in her dying of shock.

Equipment and Skills[]

Spear was said to be very skilled with a spear, and always kept her namesake weapon nearby but she was no match against the Three Beasts' power.


  • The skinning of Spear's face, which occurred in the manga, was not shown in the anime.