Shingu (臣具) are artifacts created by the Emperor of an earlier era. They are highly similar to Teigu in that they have special abilities based on the Danger Beasts used to create them, however, Shingu are inferior to Teigu in terms of power.[1]


Four hundred years ago, the Emperor of that time sought to create newer, stronger weapons that could surpass the Teigu. The Emperor then set out to create new artifacts and was ultimately successful. However, the new items that were developed did not match the strength of any Teigu. Feeling shame at his failure, he ordered the Shingu to be sealed away.[1]

Many years later, the Shingu would be obtained from the secret storage of The Empire, and given to an elite assassination division of the Empire, the Elite Seven which included Akame.[1]


Similar to its predecessors,the Shingu were created using unique materials gathered from various Danger Beasts with special abilities and unique metals. That were then constructed using various ingenious designs and engineering to finally create the unique powers of each weapon. And like the Teigu,the Shingu were also seemingly embedded with some type of magic in their creation as well.

Usage & Limtations

Like its Predecessors the Teigu,the Shingu also possess various limitations unique to each weapon,such as only one person can only use a single Shingu at a time.However the Shingu were also noted to possess much more severe limitations and dangers in their usage than the Teigu,as seen where each of the Shingu were all noted to have a severe danger or use limit in its activation and places a immense strain on its users bodies that could seriously and irreversibly injure its wielder if specialized training was not undergone to use the specific weapon,as seen where Gozuki had to train each member of the Elite Seven in the specific use of their individual Shingu for 10 years in a specialized combat style in order to hone each of their bodies to withstand the strain of their weapons on their bodies.

Known Shingu


  • The character for "tei" (帝) in Teigu stands for "emperor" or "empire", while the character "shin" (臣) in Shingu stands for "retainer" (that is, a servant of a noble) or "subject", referring to the Shingu's inferior power to the Teigu.


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