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Shihandai was one of the bodyguards in charge of Iokal's protection, and a former instructor at the martial arts temple of the Empire.


Shihandai was a rather tall man with long, blond hair which he wore in a braid. His outfit consisted of a lightly-armored, long white shirt and grey pants. He also wore a belt around his waist and around his chest to attach his shoulder pieces.


Shihandai was a cruel and sadistic man who helped his master Iokal kidnap young women, even raping them just for fun. When Iokal was assassinated by Night Raid, he was scared for his own life, knowing that the Prime Minister would have his head if he let his relative's assassins escape. He is also confident in his fighting skills, this is proved by the fact that he attacked Mine and Tatsumi on his own, instead of staying with the other bodyguards. 


Ten years before the events of the series, Shihandai was an instructor of the Imperial Fist, the renowned martial art of the Empire. However, he got kicked out for bad behavior. Some unknown time after that, he was hired as a bodyguard by Iokal for his fighting skills. After Iokal's assassination, Shihandai launched a counter-attack along with the other bodyguards, but failed and was killed by Mine

Equipment and skills[]

Shihandai isn't shown using a weapon of any kind, as he relies entirely on his fists and martial arts. However, he has proved himself to be a very skilled fighter, by being able to block a blade with his bare hands and dodging bullets.


  • Shihandai means "instructor" in Japanese, which is what he is. But since his real name is unknown, Shihandai is his nickname.