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Night Raid[]

Tatsumi: She was the only member in Night Raid who could tell that he had a deeper reason to want a Teigu and saw that he was still grieving of the loss of his friends. Upon comforting him the two developed a deep bond. Her last thoughts were of him, there was a sign that she had developed affection for him. She helped to train him and told him the reason she was scouted by Night Raid in the first place, showing herself to be a very open person. Sheele's death left Tatsumi devastated and he swore to gain vengeance.

Mine: Because they partnered together often in missions, they became close friends through life and death battles. Sheele sacrificed herself to protect Mine, fighting even after being bitten in half in order to buy Mine time to escape. However, because of Sheele, Mine was able to gain a bit of insight in her second fight with Seryu.