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Sheele was a member of the Revolutionary Army's assassin group, Night Raid, and the user of the Teigu Extase.


Sheele was a slender-yet-curvaceous young woman with long, purple hair and eyes. She usually wore a revealing, sleeveless lilac cheongsam with detached lilac arm sleeves and white boots. She usually had her Teigu with her. She wore glasses and had a scar on her right cheek. During her earlier appearances, she wore a hat. 


Sheele was an airhead, often losing her glasses or failing at any chores she tried to do due to her clumsiness; however, she was very kind and caring to her friends, willing to sacrifice her life for them, as seen with Mine. However, her attitude changed completely when she killed, becoming cold and impassive; she described it as having "a screw loose" in her mind, which made her a talented killer. She believed that getting rid of "society's trash" was the only thing she could do well, and therefore couldn't be considered useless.

She was shown to apologize to those she kills, often as a force of habit.


Growing up in the low districts of the Capital, Sheele's clumsy nature caused many people throughout her life to often consider her useless, isolating her from nearly everyone. At one point in her past, she had a friend who didn't mind her personality, but was attacked by her ex-boyfriend. Sheele killed the ex-boyfriend in order to protect her, revealing that she had a strange talent for killing. However, in the end, this broke their friendship. Soon after, a gang related to the man she killed earlier sought revenge against her and had already murdered her parents. Sheele coolly killed the group and was later scouted by the Revolutionary Army, who had learned of her ability.

Sheele Last Moments

Sheele's last moments.

By joining, she wanted to use her talent in a way that would make her useful to others by helping fix society. She was one of the first members to warm up to Tatsumi, comforting him while he mourned his deceased friends from his home village. Later, she and Mine were attacked by Seryu, during a mission and she summons Koro to attack them. Mine takes on Koro, while Sheele fights Seryu. During the battle, Sheele cuts Seryu's arms off, but she has hidden guns and attempts to finish her off. Much to her shock, Sheele blocks her attack with her Extase and cuts off her guns as well. As it seems like Sheele is about to finish her, Seryu activates Koro's secret ability, Berserker, where Koro becomes stronger and unleashes a deafening roar, stunning Mine and begins to crush her.

Sheele intervenes by cutting off Koro's arm, freeing Mine, but she is suddenly shot in the back by a projectile that is revealed to have come from a gun that is inside Seryu's mouth. The shot paralyzes her body and at that moment, Koro takes the opportunity to attack her and bites her, tearing her body in half while Mine watches in horror. Mine swears revenge against Seryu, but at that moment, the imperial guards appear and go towards her, but before any attack, Sheele, who appeared to be dead, uses her trump card for Mine to escape. She thinks back to her last good moments in Night Raid before thinking about Tatsumi one last time. At this point she was completely devoured.


All of Night Raid was affected by her loss, with even the normally-stoic Akame breaking down in tears in front of Tatsumi. Both Tatsumi and Mine swore vengeance against Seryu, with Tatsumi nearly blowing his cover in front of the Jaegers, which Seryu becomes a member of. When Tatsumi and Mine find Kaku in possession of Extase, they are enraged by his usage of Sheele's former weapon and kill him, reclaiming the Teigu. Sheele's death was avenged when Mine brutally cuts both Koro and Seryu in half, who in turn attempts to kill Mine with a suicide bombing, but fails when Tatsumi rescues her, leaving Seryu's final attempts in vain, and both her and Koro die from the bombing.

Equipment and Skills[]

Sheele wielded a Teigu in the form of a giant pair of scissors called Cutter of Creation: Extase, which is said to be able to cut through anything. She could use its trump card to make her Teigu shine a blinding light.

As seen from her battles against Seryu Ubiquitous, Sheele is extremely agile, quick and powerful when using her Teigu, as seen where Seryu noted on her slash and thrusts speed and strength as being heavy. Sheele herself is shown to also posses immense reflexes and reaction speed, having been shown to easily deflect Seryu's shots using her hidden guns and later react to Koro's surprise attacks instantly.

She has also shown to be very ruthless in battle, due to her unique mindset and a natural talent for killing. She could think straight in a deathly battle and kill enemies without remorse while having a clear mind.

Tatsumi felt Sheele's dead spirit behind him

Tatsumi feeling Sheele's presence


  • An alternate translation of her name, Schere, is a German word which means "scissors".
  • Sheele was one of the five Night Raid members on the Empire's most-wanted list.
  • Sheele was the first Night Raid member to die.
  • Her measurements were 86-55-88.
  • Sheele was one of the most favorited characters in Akame ga Kill!.
  • Sheele highly resembles Gluko from Mon Colle Knights. Both of them wearing glasses, having purple hair, purple eyes and having voluptuous bodies. They also share the same benignant and ditzy personalities.


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