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Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir is a Teigu in the form of a curved blade. It was owned by Enshin and is now owned by the Revolutionary Army. It was again given to an unnamed male soldier and used during the final battle against Esdeath.


Shamshir is a curved-blade Teigu that is capable of creating aerial blades. However, its ability is dependent on the lunar cycle.


  • Full Moon Wheel: It is a technique which only can be used while a full moon is out. The user slashes the air around them to create a sphere of aerial blades.
  • Double-Pronged Attack: The user swiftly slashes the air two times and sends a cross-shaped aerial blade towards to enemy.


  • A Shamshir, also spelled Shamsher, Shamsheer and Chimchir, is a type of curved sabre that originated in central Asia. Its name is derived from Persian شمشیر (romanized as shamshīr) which means "sword" in general.