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Shamon is a Commander of the Tenrou nation, one of the highest ranks of the Tenrou nation. He was a member of Ten Stars of Tenrou as a Diplomat Priest.




Shamon is shown to possess a very laid-back and level-headed attitude, which he attributes to his role as a diplomatic priest, showing itself as he attempts to keep the peace between his fellow Ten Stars and maintained a level of friendliness with them.

He has also demonstrated a keen eye for fashion, having apparently created or modified a line of clothing himself, and he himself wears a pair of sunglasses he considers stylish.

It is likely that he prefers men over women, which his fellow Ten Stars Amateru takes note of, as he snubs her when she asks him about the outfit he designed for her in favor of assisting Najasho. However, this does not mean he completely disregards her, noting that she would nice with the right pair of earrings.



Skills and Equipment[]

As one of the Tenrou Ten Stars, Shamon's abilities and powers are easily ranked as one of the most powerful and talented individuals among the notoriously known warmongering nation.

Diplomatic Skills[]

Shamon was stated to be the most talented diplomat and negotiator among the Tenrou nation and is primarily in charge of maintaining its relations with other nations and handling all other affairs dealing with them. Shamon in particular was known to have successfully created a powerful partnership with at least two other enemy nations of Tenrou and successfully get them to enter into an alliance with them to defeat the other nations of the island continent within a short time frame, easily earning their trust without much difficulty.

Tactical Skills[]

Due to his position as Chief Diplomat, Shamon is also well versed in tactical warfare and has been implied to be the main ally with his fellow Ten Star and lead strategist Akugetsu in Tenrou's long term plans of conquest.