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Dimensional Formation: Shambhala was a support-type Teigu that takes the form of a hand-sized pendant. It formerly belonged to the son of Prime Minister HonestSyura and was temporarily used by Lubbock of Night Raid before his death by Izou.


While Shambhala's exact origins are unknown, Syura seemed to like using it to ambush his enemies, teleporting them to distant locations or into traps. When activated, it created an array, and everyone standing on it would be teleported; when teleporting himself, Syura would emerge from the middle of the array.

After Lubbock killed Syura, he tried using Shambhala to escape from his prison cell, but ended up in the same location that he had been last teleported by Syura himself before - the Palace's courtyard. There, he was attacked by Izou; in hopes that he wouldn't dare to destroy the precious Teigu, Lubbock tried using Shambhala to physically defend himself. However, Izou cut him down anyway, destroying Shambhala in progress.


Shambhala was a Teigu capable of spatial manipulation. Its user is granted the ability to manipulate space, allowing them to teleport people and objects over large distances. Shambhala appeared to be unable to teleport objects in rapid succession. A period of time must pass before it can be used again, as seen when Lubbock was unable to teleport immediately after using the ability only once. Esdeath speculated that Shambhala requires a lot of energy to use, requiring the user to rest before they could use it again, though this wasn't stated by Syura himself. 

Syura had been shown to be able to teleport himself into midair to ambush his enemies from above. He also had a last-resort plan that involved using Shambhala to teleport people into an active volcano, and, presumably, using said volcano to engulf the Capital in flames.

Anime/Manga Differences[]

  • In the anime, Shambhala displayed the ability to teleport the user in rapid succession as long as the user had been to that location before. Its Trump Card was also revealed to teleport its target into an alternate space.


  • Shambhala is the name of a Buddhism Kingdom said to be hidden somewhere in Inner Asia which is regarded as a pure land and a place of peace, tranquility and happiness.