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Military Music Dream: Scream is a Teigu in the form of a recorder.


Before the start of the series, Nyau got a hold of Scream and used it in many of his battles while fighting alongside his comrades. During his free time, Esdeath would often request for Nyau to play some of his songs for her amusement. After his death, Scream was taken by the Revolutionary Army. During the rebellion against the Empire, one of the higher-ups note to Honest that Scream, along with Black Marlin and Extase, is being used by revolutionaries against the Imperial Army.


Scream is a Teigu that can freely manipulate the emotions of those who hear it using hypnosis. It can be used in many ways, including raising morale on the battlefield, as a blunt weapon by splitting it into two different parts or decreasing willpower to make all people who hear it lose energy. However, this can be countered by experiencing pain.

Trump Card[]

Advent of Fierce God (鬼人招来, Kijin Shōrai): The trump card of Scream is a form of self-induced hypnosis which serves to increase the user's muscle mass and strength by releasing a melody from the Teigu. Dramatically bolstering one's combat ability, the effects of which are unknown, as Nyau died before showing its effectiveness.