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Saikyuu was Prime Minister Honest's aid and cohort.


Saikyuu is a middle-aged man with slick dark hair, fu manchu mustache and glasses. He dons the standard Imperial uniform which consists of a white shirt with a necktie and a leather jacket.


Najenda described Saikyuu as a man of great ability and even darker temperament.


Saikyuu worked under Honest as his aid and cohort. He was the one who wanted to establish The Empire's assassination squad in order to execute the rebels.

During Night Raid's final mission, Najenda placed a high priority on his head and ordered for him to be dealt with extreme prejudice, Saikyuu later created an 100-man assassination squad. Honest asks if it is to defeat those who would plot against The Empire in the shadows, which Saikyuu replies that he plans to create assassins that will pierce the darkness within the shadows, before Akame fought Saikyuu as he starts biting her hand to think of something that could make Akame forgive him, but she kills him by cutting through half her arm and torso.


  • Saikyuu's named after a villain from the Water Margin novel.