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Sabatini was the leader of the Sabatini Show troupe, which worked undercover for the Revolutionary Army.


Sabatini was a middle-aged man with spiky black hair, a beard and a mustache. He wore a pair of glasses, a suit and a cylinder hat. He also carried a staff.


Sabatini was a very energetic and rather emotional person. He was always acting dramatically, which was fitting for his role as a performer. However, he was serious about his cause and truly wanted to change the Empire for the better.


Sabatini worked as a traveling performer along with his troupe while also gathering evidence against the Empire for the Revolutionary Army. One day, the troupe picked up Akame and Tsukushi, who started working as a part of their show and proved to be successful. A month later, the troupe was attacked by the Bandits of the Shiranami Mountains during their travels, and after Akame and Tsukushi skillfully dealt with the enemies, Sabatini, who suffered a broken leg during the attack, revealed his group's true purpose to the girls. However, as he offered for them to join their cause, a fight broke out as the two revealed themselves to be the Empire's assassins. Attempting to escape, Sabatini was slain by Najasho, who stabbed him through the chest, when the rest of the Elite Seven arrived.