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The Complete Book Of The World: Rongo Rongo was a book-type Teigu.[1] It was wielded by the Empire's Saikyuu[1] and was later used by Akame[2].

Akame lost it when a storm destroyed her ship as she traveled to Wakoku. It is presumed to be destroyed.


The book contained every single map in the world. The information about the Empire's territories was especially detailed and included every detail about the mountains and lands. On the last page, there was a prediction of natural disasters that will happen in the future.[3]

As revealed by its previous user, Saikyuu, Rongo Rongo also contained some information regarding the Teigu themselves, as seen where he revealed to Gozuki that the country that created Murasame was called Wakoku. Hinting that it also contained other information on the other Teigu.

The Book was also stated to contain extensive information regarding every continent and country of the world, with Akame having studied Wakoku's native language on board her ship as she traveled there from the Empire.[4]


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