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Roger (了解, Ryokai) was a thief and Imperial livestock.


Roger was a tall and slender man with pale skin, short, white hair and black lips. He is dressed in a feather coat, a collar with jewels, fingerless gloves and jeans with a sword holster and white boots.


Roger was a cruel, prideful and bloodthirsty man who lacks any redeeming qualities because like most of the members of the imperial livestock, he had an obsession with chaos, he also shown to be necrophiliac.


After Pure an really famous comic book artist and creator of the Orderman superhero was walking at the capital's streets at night. He finds Roger assaulting an woman, he tries to atop her but he is badly injured and is kicked in the floor by the livestock, after Lubbock discovers the case he tells the other Night Raid members that he invaded an church and organized an event that used the corpse of the girl he killed in order to sacrifice her for the sake of the "Barulking's power" with Night Raid killing Roger's henchmen, he is caught by Lubbock.

Before dying, Roger says to Lubbock that if he wants to kill her so badly, he should attack the Empire, as Lubbock breaks his neck and Pure is successfully saved.