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Ritone is one of the spies for the Revolutionary Army. He is partnered up with Pais.


Ritone is a tall, muscular young man with short, black hair and narrow eyes.


Ritone is a level-headed person who strongly believes in the Revolutionary Army's cause. He is very caring for his partner and girlfriend, Pais. He is also protective of civilians, but doesn't take any unnecessary risks.


Ritone was involved in a mission to kill Bolic and help the Path of Peace start their uprising against the Empire. He came to Lubbock's aid after the Night Raid member was injured by Wave, as thanks for saving Pais earlier from Sten and Mez.

Pais and Ritone later stayed in the Capital, watching Wild Hunt massacre the Imperial Fist disciples and reporting their misdeeds to the Revolutionary Army's HQ. The pair also found the poster announcing Tatsumi's public execution. He and Pais later gave Najenda Lubbock's googles, claiming that's all they could find that belonged to him.

Ritone and Pais were also present in the Capital during the final battle, where they witnessed their comrades being killed by the Dark Squad.

Later, at the conclusion of the civil war and creation of the New Kingdom, it is seen that Ritone has officially joined the new government under General Najenda, and accompanied her as she carried out her duties, as seen when he was with her to fetch the Emperor for his decapitation execution.